Aberystwyth Noir - It Ain't Over Till The Bearded Lady Sings



By Malcolm Pryce. The night Mr Big Top was gunned down on the streets of Aberystwyth, everyone knew who'd done it - the Druids - the same guys who built Stonehenge, although they'd changed a bit since those days. Now they were just a bunch of wiseguys into racketeering and extortion. They ran the girls too, the ones who stood in shop doorways wearing stovepipe hats, with a 'come hither' look in their eyes. Everything about the case spelled Trouble, and Aberystwyth's only Private Investigator, Louie Knight, wasn't a great admirer of Trouble. Disenchanted with his life, Louie had decided to pull down the blinds and let the crazy world pass by. As for Trouble, he didn't give a hoot, just so long as it didn't come knocking on his door. And then it did, in the shape of Calamity Jane, schoolgirl and aspiring Private Eye, and determined to crack the case. The investigation leads them into the seedy world of Aber's End of the Pier show: the world of the balloon twister, the bearded lady, and the Amazing Mr Marmalade - not forgetting Louie's nemesis, former games teacher turned lion tamer, Herod Jenkins.

A BBC/Cymru Wales production, produced and directed by Kate McAll.