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SBH:Abortion - the Commons have voted overwhelmingly to reduce the time limit from 28 to 24 weeks and have abolished abnormality restrictions. Report by Niall Dickson and news read by Simon Vance. From: R4 0800 Hrs News.

PRE: Band 5 (0'40") - Vance: Majority of 257. Emotionally-charged debate. Compromise between pro-life's bid for 18 weeks and oposition who didn't want any change at all. 18 weeks amendment defeated by 210. To maintain 28 weeks rejected by 241. Band 6 (0'55") - Dickson: terminations after 24 weeks rare - time of conception often vague. Exemptions - to be no time limit when the woman's life is in danger and new exemption removing existing time limit when foetus is seriously handicapped.

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25 Apr 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Simon Vance (rdr)

Niall Dickson (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 543051.

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