01Flying The Nest2017021320170214 (BBC7)
20170218 (BBC7)
Comedy by Alice Birch. An unhappy family mealtime with plenty of surprises on the table.

Four dining-related comedies

02The Food Of Love2013050020170220 (BBC7)
20170221 (BBC7)
Natasha's love life is in disarray. Can her extraordinary dinner party guests really help?

Four dining-related comedies

03Grazing2013050020170227 (BBC7)
20170228 (BBC7)
By Sophie Woolley. Sally Phillips stars as a life guru combining diet and disaster.

Four dining-related comedies

04Home Alone2017030620170307 (BBC7)Daisy Haggard stars as a hostess desperate to throw the most sophisticated New Year's Eve dinner party ever.

If she can get this right then perhaps the rest of her new year will be equally successful. But despite her meticulous planning, things go a bit pear-shaped. And pears aren't even on the menu.

Stars Daisy Haggard as Lucy, Ben Crowe as Man, Phillipa Stanton as Beth, Hannah Wood as Jessica, and Michael Shelford as the Estate Agent.

Director: Helen Perry

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2013.

Lucy is eager to throw a sophisticated New Year's Eve party.

Four dining-related comedies