Accidental Billionaires, The [Book Of The Week]

Ben Mezrich's new book charts the much-contested history of the genesis of the social networking site Facebook.

It is a story of the desire to belong, the desire to make friends and the sometimes conflicting desire to make money.

This dramatic narrative account is based on interviews and documentary sources.



It all begins in October 2003, when Eduardo Saverin first meets Mark Zuckerberg


Some weeks after Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin meet and become friends in October 2003, Mark finds himself hacking into the college networks.

It is the beginning of a historic enterprise.


Mark acquires a certain campus notoriety in the aftermath of his aborted website Harvard Facemash in the winter of 2003.

But there are some perceptive young entrepreneurs who recognise his talent and want to harness it to their own web projects.


In the summer of 2004, Mark moves the team to Silicon Valley, but Eduardo remains behind in New York and Harvard.

A Waters Partnership production for BBC Radio 4.

In summer 2004, Mark moves the team to Silicon Valley, but Eduardo remains behind.

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Facebook's users begin to grow exponentially, and so do sums of money and egos.