The Accountant Of Solyanka Square




By Sebastian Baczkiewicz.

Now that Andrei's business interests are legitimate, he never talks about how he made his millions. But when he is kidnapped by his estranged son Victor, who will stop at nothing to get answers, he is forced to reveal his secrets.

Set against the backdrop of Russia's turbulent recent past - from the Soviet Union's fall to Putin's rise - this slick thriller explores the period which gave birth to the now infamous 'oligarchs'.

Andrei....Steven Mackintosh

Victor....Steven Webb

Alina....Kate Ashfield

Chubatkin....Struan Rodger

Valentin....Ben Crowe

Orlovsky....John Rowe

Verzirov....Stephen Critchlow

Uzrovskaya....Liz Sutherland

Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko.

By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Andrei's estranged son Victor forces him to reveal his secrets.