Acid House - The Next Generation


20080624What do you tell your children about your misspent youth when it's taken place against a backdrop of banging basslines, darkened clubs and illegal gatherings?

Veteran DJ and producer Chris Coco goes in search of the generation that refused to grow up, and discovers the people, places and stories which make up the last great youth culture movement - Acid House.


2009052620190823 (6M)As part of 6 Music's All Day Rave, Chris Coco sees how the ravers grew up.


6M0120080807Chris Coco remembers the Second Summer of Love, 20 years after the acid house scene exploded in the UK.

Features contributions from Peter Hook, Annie Mac, the Chemical Brothers, Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Klaxons and many more.


6M02 LAST20080808