Across Central Africa


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Reports from a tour just ended 1: The Sudan

' The Sudan was fascinating-I interviewed everyone, including: the great-grandson of the Mahdi, who lives in Omdurman in a style worthy of the Princes of India. But he took a good degree at Oxford and is astonishingly progressive, and is leader of the opposition to the Government...1

Uganda: Tuesday, 10.45 p.m.

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Reports from a tour just ended 2: Uganda

' I had a five-hour talk with President Obote and at his invitation I motored 900 miles and interviewed literally dozens of D.C.s, chairmen of cotton co-operatives, mayors, directors of textile factories, managers of sugar plantations, etc. At the end of that week I thought I would collapse....

The Centre of Africa: Wednesday, 10.45 p.m.

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Reports from a tour just ended 3: The United States of Central Africa in which the Congo, the Chad Republic. and the Central African Republic grouped last year

' In Kinshasa I talked for an hour with President Mobutu, who sent me in his own helicopter to see his farm (very good) on which he has built, by way of his country residence, a pagoda!

' In Chad I coincided with the West German President in whose honour everything closed down for four-and-a-half days. No European is allowed beyond ten kilometres of Fort Lamy without a permit from the Minister of the Interior in person. for banditry is rampant.'

Nigeria: Thursday, 10.45

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Reports from a tour just ended 4: Nigeria

' This is a very peculiar war. Of course it may be a feint that the Chief of Staff should go off to play polo-he is not an irresponsible character. I drove to Maiduguri from Fort Lamy on one of the worst roads ever. Elisabeth Patterson , one of those magnificent British spinsters, showed me round the hospital. I then flew to Kaduna and so to Lagos

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Unknown: Fort Lamy

Unknown: Elisabeth Patterson

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Reports from a tour just ended

5: French West Africa

Judith Listowel ends with impressions of the Ivory Coast and Upper Volta.

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Unknown: Judith Listowel