Genome: [r4 Bd=19691215]

The first performance in this country of the play by LAWRENCE DURRELL adapted for radio by MARGARET ETALL and JOHN POWELL with music by DAVID CAIN starring Barbara Jefford with Timothy West , Prunella Scales David March, Michael Deacon

The action of the play takes place in Scythia and Italy in the middle of the first centurv ad. Lawrence Durrell 's play mixes history and legend in both the characters and the events. Against a romantic background. it compares reality and illusion - Life and Art, the act and the wish.

' There is an obscure connection between the act and the wish which needs care in handling; one can damage oneself, one can give the whole world blood poisoning.'

Cast in order of speaking:

Music and special sound recorded in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Produced by JOHN POWELL

Genome: [r4 Bd=19691215]

Play By: Lawrence Durrell

Unknown: Margaret Etall

Unknown: John Powell

Music By: David Cain

Unknown: Barbara Jefford

Unknown: Timothy West

Unknown: Michael Deacon

Unknown: Lawrence Durrell

Produced By: John Powell

Petronius Arbiter: David March

Tester, a slave: Sean Arnold

Flavia niece to Petronius and wife to Fabius: Prunella Scales

Metellus, Satrap of Scythia: Peter Pratt

Fabius, the Roman General: John Rye

Tullus, a staff officer: Kerry Francis

Acte, the blind Princess of Scythia: Barbara Jefford

Galba, her councillor: Timothy West

Jailer ,: Sean Arnold

Eiron, a scribe: Leonard Fenton

Nero, the Emperor: Michael Deacon

Sporus, Nero's favourite: John Pullen

Myrko, maid-servant to Acte: Frances Jeater

A barber, attending Petronius: John Pullen