20070903Actors read self-penned stories.

1/5. Le Rayon Vert

By Tim Pigott-Smith.

On a blazing hot day in Biarritz, the narrator waits on the beach in the hope of seeing the rare and famous light effect in the evening sky.

20070904Actors read self-penned stories.

2/5. Lot 21

By Nigel Havers.

Nicholas, pursuing a miserable existence at the British Library, is sent to catalogue a private collection. Suddenly, his luck changes in ways he could never have imagined.

20070905Actors read self-penned stories.

3/5. Agnes

By Sian Phillips.

As Agnes lies in her hospital bed, she realises that surgery has had a major and unexpected side effect.

20070906Actors read self-penned stories.

4/5. Meeting Mr Rainbow

By Richard Griffiths.

A mouse undertakes a perilous journey to seek an audience with a parrot.

20070907Actors read self-penned stories.

5/5. Refuge

By Imogen Stubbs.

Two refugees from war seek to rebuild their lives through the redemptive power of music.