Five accounts of adventure.


01The Fearful Void20020624

Andrew Hilton reads from Geoffrey Moorhouse's book about his attempt to cross the Sahara from the Atlantic to the Nile in 1972.

02Travels In West Africa20020625

Zoe Aldrich reads from Mary Kingsley's memoir about her expedition to the west coast of Africa.

03From The Land Of Green Ghosts20020626

Pascal Khoo Thwe's flight through the jungle to escape arrest for his part in Burma's student resistance movement.

04The Big Smoke20020627

Bonnie Hurran reads an extract from Emily Hahn's startling 1930s account of opium addiction in Shanghai.

05 LASTTouching The Void20020628

Paul Mohan reads from Joe Simpson's account of the accident on a Peruvian mountainside that brought him face to face with death.