The Adventure Of The Pimlico Poisoner


Genome: [r4 Bd=19910311]

Peter Mackie 's play pits the great detective

Sherlock Holmes against a real-life demon of Victorian crime.

Stradivarius played by Roger Coull.

Director Nigel Bryant Stereo


Unknown: Peter MacKie

Unknown: Sherlock Holmes

Played By: Roger Coull.

Director: Nigel Bryant

Matilda Clover: Susan Mansell

Neill Cream: Peter Harlowe

Dr Watson: Crawford Logan

Sherlock Holmes: William Chubb

Mrs Hudson: Tina Gray

Insp Lestrade: Terry Molloy

PC Billings: Alex Jones

Sgt Woodthorpe: Chris MacDonnell

Jeannie Thompson: Kimberly Hope

Jeremiah Fogg: Roger Hume