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Africa's Big Philanthropy: Agriculture And Food Security2018101620181017 (WS)Around one in four people in sub-Saharan Africa is malnourished and tackling food insecurity is a huge challenge. Alan Kasujja explores how big philanthropy is putting a lot of money into supporting agriculture to improve livelihoods. He talks to farmers in Kenya about the development of new seeds and scientific solutions like fortified crops. But he also discovers that not all farmers are happy about it.

Image: A coffee farmer tends to his crops at a farm north of Nairobi (Credit: Getty Images)

Is money from foreign investors helping or hindering African farmers?

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Africa's Big Philanthropy: Health2018100920181010 (WS)In 2016 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged to invest five billion dollars in poverty reduction and health in Africa. Other big givers like the Rockefeller Foundation have spent billions on health, agriculture and livelihood programmes. Some say governments and global agencies have come to depend on the donations of big philanthropic donors for their programmes, but how much influence do they have, and with the rise of home-grown African wealth what is the future is for philanthropy here?

In Uganda and Kenya Alan Kasujja explores the impact of philanthropy on healthcare and disease reduction. He visits the site of the biggest ever malaria vaccine trial to find out how the large amounts going into vaccine programmes are being spent, and he meets pregnant and new mothers who are being connected to healthcare centres via mobile technology with the help of philanthropy. But not everyone is happy about Africa’s reliance on big international donors and some believe philanthropists have too much influence on health priorities.

(Photo: Nurse Agnes prepares and administers the vaccination program during the out reach clinic in Kitahurira, Uganda. Credit: Getty Images)

The impact of philanthropy on healthcare and disease reduction in Africa

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Africa's Big Philanthropy: Home-grown2018102320181024 (WS)With the rise of a wealthy class of high net worth individuals in Africa, home-grown philanthropy is on the rise. We meet some of these rich givers to find out what motivates them. The concept of philanthropy among communities is not new here, but as the economic landscape changes Alan Kasujja looks at what impact Africa’s new wealth might have, the impact of social media on how people donate, and what the future might hold for the concept of philanthropy in Africa.

(Photo: A gang of street children form the Rysambu youth stars supported by Undugu Society of Kenya (USK), an NGO based in Nairobi, Kenya. Credit: In Pictures Ltd/Getty Images)

The impact of Africa's new wealth and social media on home-grown philanthropic causes

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