Afternoon Play - The Benefit Of Time



Debbie Green is dull. Debbie Green is plain. Debbie Green works in Human Resources, where she has few friends, and lives a very mundane existence. That is, until she starts going to visit a hypnotist, who claims to be able to explore people's past lives.

And guess what? Debbie, apparently, has had a very eventful past life - she was once Anne Boleyn. Or so Donald Cruikshank her hypnotist excitedly confirms. He is, of course, a charlatan, and he's gulling her. Or is he? Is she gulling him? As the sessions progress, and Debbie starts doing an office round-robin e-mail of her experiences, her popularity at work increases dramatically, as do her career prospects.

In our celebrity-fixated world, what better celebrity to conjure up - and then actually be - than a famous figure of history? And as Debbie climbs that greasy pole to success and high status, she leaves a trail of human devastation in her wake.


Donald Cruickshank....Adrian Scarborough

Debbie Wilson....Samantha Spiro

Original Music composed by David Chilton

Producer/Director: Gordon House

A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4.

Terri-Ann Brumby's comedy about a young woman who believes she was once Anne Boleyn.