I Only Want an Answer

A play by FRED DENGER English version by BASIL ASHMORE starring Edith Evans as Amy Amy is 65. She lives on her own. She works as a charwoman in a food shop. It is her birthday. As a present she wants a lobster for her lunch - and she wants to share it.

Produced by JOHN TYDEMAN


Play By: Fred Denger

Unknown: Edith Evans

Unknown: Amy Amy

Produced By: John Tydeman




The administrative director at a large firm tries to prevent a brilliant young scientist spending too much money on research. His task becomes increasingly difficult and has to be fought against a background of family illness.



Produced By: Martin Jenkins

Peter Malling: Clifford Rose

Ruth Malling: Aline Waites

Dr Fallon: Cyril Luckham

Mr Simpson: John Benti Ey

Jean Baxter: Caroline Hunt

Laceby: Leslie Heritage

Hospital Sister: Sara Coward


Borderlineby COLIN MARES

The administrative director at a large firm tries to prevent a brilliant young scientist spending too much money on research. His task becomes increasingly difficult and has to be fought against a background of family illness.



Produced By: Martin Jenkins

Peter Malling: Clifford Rose

Ruth Malling: Aline Waites

Dr Fallon: Cyril Luckham

Mr Simpson: John Benti Ey

Jean Baxter: Caroline Hunt

Laceby: Leslie Heritage

Hospital Sister: Sara Coward


Death Takes a Lifetime by PETER RUSSELL with John Ronane and Julian Glover Lockwood West

Who has murdered Eve Prescott? Her husband, her lover, or a stranger - Inspector Fisher sets out to investigate. His findings are, to say the least, intriguing.



Unknown: Peter Russell

Unknown: John Ronane

Unknown: Julian Glover

Unknown: Inspector Fisher

Produced By: Martin Jenkins

Eve Prescott: Barbara Bliss

Mike Prescott: John Ronane

David Waddington: Julian Glover

Bobbie Dobson: Frances Jeater

Mrs Crawford: Margot Boyd

Dr Selby: Godfrey Kenton

Robert Fisher: Lockwood West

Stanley Burrel: Sean Barrett


The Seven Year Itch by GEORGE AXELROD


Unknown: George Axelrod


Adam's Apple

A Victorian fairy-tale by N. C. HUNTER

(Saturday s broadcast)


Unknown: N. C. Hunter


Press Cuttings by BERNARD SHAW : adapted for radio by JACK WILLIS with Arthur Lowe

' The Suffragets are a very small body; but they are numerous enough to be troublesome - even dangerous - when they are all concentrated in one place.... But by making a two-mile radius and pushing them beyond it, you scatter their attack over a circular lineW2 miles long. Just what Wellington would have done.'

Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY


Unknown: Bernard Shaw

Unknown: Jack Willis

Unknown: Arthur Lowe

Produced By: David H. Godfrey

General Mitchener: Arthur Lowe

The Orderly: Clifford Norgate

Mr Balsquith: Gerald Cross

Mrs Farrell: Sheila Manahan

Mrs Banger: Joan Sanderson

Lady Corinthia Fanshawe: Sonia Fraser


With Respect, Sir by W. A. WESTALL

'I must tell you this, Bland. I've noticed something about the staff; they are watching you; they are circling around like vultures that have spotted a potential carcase.'



Unknown: W. A. Westall

Production By: Anthony Cornish

Miss Susan Dimble: Pamela Hunter

Mr Cloy: Jeremy Mason

Miss Penn: Pamela Craig

Mr Bland: Simon Carter

Dr Stormer: David King

Dr Charmly: George Woolley


Selected for Friday:

You Right in the Smoke by SAMUEL SELVON with Tommy Eytle , Gordon Woolford Carmen Munroe , Ian Thompson ' You hide something and everybody looking for it, and they get nearer - " You smoking a little? " They get nearer still and " You right in the smoke "... And when they get the spot where you hide the thing- " You right in the fire."

Produced by BETTY DAVIES

A chance to hear again some of the best one-hour plays broadcast in recent years.


Unknown: Samuel Selvon

Unknown: Tommy Eytle

Unknown: Gordon Woolford

Unknown: Carmen Munroe

Unknown: Ian Thompson

Clara: Myrtle Robinson

Russell: Frank Singuineau

John Peters: Gordon Woolford

Eloisa Peters: Carmen Munroe

Frank Peters: Tommy Eytle

Jim Carter: Ian Thompson

Detective: Haydn Jones

Now You See Her

A spy thriller by EDDIE MAGUIRE


Unknown: Eddie Maguire


The End of the Game by TOM WRIGHT

Two men sit alone playing chess. But the game they're really playing is much more serious. One of them may be, as he says, a retired railway-man. But if he's not, then they are both playing for their lives.

Produced by GORDON EMSLIE †


Unknown: Tom Wright

Produced By: Gordon Emslie

Rab: Leonard Maguire

Danny: Paul KermacK


Terence Rattigan

Festival: Separate Tables Part 2: Table Number Seven adapted for radio bv CYNTHIA PUGHE with Gwen Watford. Michael Hordern and Mary Wimbush

The Hotel Beauregard, settled and conservative, is seized with excitement about revelations concerning Major Pollock. Cast in order of speaking:



Unknown: Terence Rattigan

Unknown: Gwen Watford.

Unknown: Michael Hordern

Unknown: Mary Wimbush

Produced By: Norman Wright

Jean Stratton: Polly Murch

Charles Stratton: Glyn Dearman

Major Pollock: Michael Hordern

Mr Fowler: Howieson Culff

Miss Cooper: Mary Wtmbush

Mrs Railton-Bell: Dorothy Holmes-Gore

Sibyl Railton-Bell: Gwen Watford

Lady Matheson: Molly Rankin

Miss Meacham: Nora Nicholson

Mabel: Brenda Dunrich

Doreen: Angela Piper


Malice at Autumn's End by JOHN HYATT

' Faith and fear weren'enough for her, oh no. As Maiden of the Coven she put herself above such things. But to keep faith and fear alive in her followers she was ready to commit murder... '


Unknown: John Hyatt


Double Strung by DEREK BOND

' People are very complex, Mary. They can be strong over some things and desperately vulnerable over others. Mrs Seaton is like that. She is a woman who gets totally involved....'



Unknown: Derek Bond

Unknown: Mrs Seaton

Produced By: Charles Lefeaux

Phyllis Seaton: Margot Boyd

Philip Colliston: Austin Trevor

Mary: Hilda Schroder

Rolf de Groot: John Gabriel

Mr Thomas: Peter Tuddenham

Jules Faber: Wilfrid Carter

Cynthia Roscoe: Anne Jameson

Mr Gibb: John Bryning


Double or Nothing by MICHAEL BRETT


Unknown: Michael Brett


Ma's Bit o' Brass by RONALD GOW


Unknown: Ronald Gow


The Joy of the Worm by JENNIFER PHILLIPS

Egypt: 30 BC

At last! The true story of Neccho, the man who supplied Cleopatra with her asp. The tale of a hen-pecked little man who revealed hidden depths and brought joy to his Queen.

Directed by PAT TRUEMAN


Small Earthquake by OLIVER DAVIES

When a husband and wife both work in the theatre it can sometimes put a strain on their marriage. But when they have the added responsibility of bringing up a three-year-old daughter. ,. The result could well be a ' small earthquake'.


Bitter Loyalty by SUE RODWELL

It is London, 1813. A young wife's duty to her husband is called into question when she becomes involved in the issues arising from the trial of a servant girl, Emily Pearson. Is the girl guilty or merely society's victim? Helen Norris searches for answers.

Directed by PAT TRUEMAN


The Adventures of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha by MIGUEL DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, adapted for radio in two parts by JOHN ARDEN. Part 1

Don Quixote dons his rusty armour, mounts his broken-down horse and sets off with Sancho Panza, his faithful squire, to put the world to rights. (Part 2: tomorrow 7.50)


So What Do We Do About Henry?

A new play by CHARLOTTE HASTINGS especially written for Dame Flora. withand

None of Henry's immediate family wants to do anything about Henry because it will inconvenience their personal affairs.

But does Henry actually 'want anything done? Directed by GRAHAM GAULD


A Tentative Maybe byBONwebb

Blandy's is a firm who manufacture toiletries. They are worried that their sales are dropping. They have a new product which could change their image, and boost their sales.

But there's more to launching a new product than meets the eye.


BBC Manchester


Mrs Potter 's Portrait by CAROL RICHARDS

When Melport's most famous son is invited back to paint a picture to commemorate the centenary of the granting of the Borough Charter, the local people are expecting a painting in the manner of Gainsborough But Nicholas Smith has been in London for several years and he has the reputation of being something of a Bohemian...

Music by CLIVE WHlTBURN Directed by VANESSA WHITBURN BBC Birmingham


The Adventures of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha by MIGUEL DE CERVANTES


Adapted for radio in two parts by john ARDEN. Pt 2 Bob Grant as Don Quixote Bernard Cribbins as Sancho Panza Ronald Baddiley as Cervantes Don Quixote is challenged by the Knight of the Mirrors.

Music composed by STEPHEN BOXER

Directed by ALFRED BRADLEY BBC Manchester


Over the Rainbow by BERNARD KOPS

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700302]

Back Into the Light by JAMES CAREY adapted by PETER COTES with Michael Turner and Bloke Modisane

' God almighty! What the hell's that? sounded like a rock fall and not far away, either. Let's get out of here - and fast... Get back. man. The bloody roof's coming down.'


Unknown: James Carey

Adapted By: Peter Cotes

Unknown: Michael Turner

Unknown: Bloke Modisane

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700312]

There's a Man Outside with a Shotgun

When a girl's young man brings his parents to dinner she is naturally anxious for her own family to make a good impression. But it doesn'help when the visitors find the house barred and bolted as if in a state of siege... A new comedy for radio by JANET HOWORTH


Unknown: Janet Howorth

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700316]

With Intent adapted by FELIX FELTON from the novel by LAURENCE HENDERSON ' You believe in your job Sergeant... you believe in your family. You have friends. You have remembered moments of happiness. All these things give point to your life. Thomas Brockhouse had none of these.'


Adapted By: Felix Felton

Novel By: Laurence Henderson

Unknown: Thomas Brockhouse

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700318]

Dawn, Day, Night by DARIO NICCODEMI translated and adapted for radio by ROBERT RIETTY with Robert Rietty and Jill Fenson

A pretty Italian love story




Unknown: Dario Niccodemi

Unknown: Robert Rietty

Unknown: Jill Fenson

Guitarist: George Elliott

Pianist: Anna Berenska

Produced By: Norman Wright

Mario: Robert Rietty

Anna: Jill Fenson

Mother: Kathleen Helme

Father: Brian Haines

Younger Sister: Deborah Anthony

Maria: Jan Edwards

Paolino: Frederick Treves

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700319]


Arthur Whitacker , a sales representative who has in a minor way been fiddling his expenses, is taught a lesson he is unlikely to forget.


Unknown: Donald Churchill

Unknown: Arthur Whitacker

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700326]

Murder Remembered by T. C. HUDSON


Unknown: T. C. Hudson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700328]

The Totem Pole by JOHN KIDDELL

An Australian boardroom drama dealing with the conflicts and pressures of big business.

An Australian Broadcasting Corporation production



Unknown: John Kiddell

Produced By: Henry Cuthbertson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700330]

The First Mrs Fraser by ST JOHN ERVINE adapted by CYNTHIA PUCHE with Duncan Mclntyre

Mary Wimbush , HUda Schroder James Fraser seeks advice from his first wife about the proposed divorce of his second.



Unknown: St John Ervine

Adapted By: Cynthia Puche

Unknown: Duncan McLntyre

Unknown: Mary Wimbush

Unknown: Huda Schroder

Unknown: James Fraser

Produced By: Martyn C. Webster

James Fraser: Duncan McIntyre

Janet, his first wife: Mary Wimbush

Elsie, his second wife: Hilda Schroder

Murdo: Fraser Kerr

Ninian: Douglas Hankin

Alice: Eva Haddon

Philip Logan: James Thomason

Mabel: Anna North

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700401]

Maugham the Storyteller Sanatorium by W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM adapted for radio by VAL GIELGUD

The scene: A sanatorium for tuberculosis somewhere in the North of Scotland. The time: 1916-17 with Produced by DAVID DAVIS followed by an interlude


Unknown: Val Gielgud

Produced By: David Davis

Somerset Maugham (Ashenden): Carleton Hobbs

McLeod: Wilfrid Carter

Ivy Bishop: Patricia Gallimore

Alec Templeton: John Bentley

Nurse: Sonia Fraser

Doctor: Godfrey Kenton

Miss Atkin: Sonia Fraser

Campbell: Malcolm Hayes

Henry Chester: Cyril Shaps

Mrs Chester: Betty Hardy

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700402]

Who Believes in Ghosts? by DAVID ELLIS


Unknown: David Ellis

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700404]

The Night They Deliver the Money by R. D. WINGFIELD with Lockwood West

Michael Spice, Aubrey Woods

' The picture's beginning to build up. Four mysterious Auditors, whose existence is denied by Head Office, a large consignment of money coming in, and now the phone's cut off. I don'like it... '

Produced by GLYN DEARMAN

(Geoffrey Wincott is in ' The Apple Cart' at the Mermaid Theatre, London)


Unknown: R. D. Wingfield

Unknown: Aubrey Woods

Produced By: Geoffrey Wincott

Robbins: Lockwood West

Albert: Andrew Sachs

Chatteris: Michael Spice

Jean Page: Jill SimcOx

Pitt: Jonathan Scott

Tom: Nigel Anthony

Bill: Antony Whelan

Duncan: Aubrey Woods

Cawdwell: Geoffrey Wincott

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700502]

Solo Impromptu by FRANK DRAKE ' with John Bentley and Sonia Fraser

' has escaped from a working party, and was serving a life sentence for murder. He is aged 33, five feet ten inches in height, well-built, with black hair inclined to curl. Anyone having any knowledge of his whereabouts should communicate with the nearest Police Station... '



Unknown: Frank Drake

Unknown: John Bentley

Unknown: Sonia Fraser

Produced By: Norman Wright

Chief Insp Davidson: Peter Tuddenham

Chief Det Barnes: Clifford Norgate

John Everard: John Bentley

Teressa: Deborah Dallas

Sergeant Galloway: Brian Haines

Harry Walton: John Pullen

Yvonne Clegg: Sonia Fraser

Other parts: Kerry Francis

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700504]

The Franchise Affair

Adapted by JOHN HYATT from the novel by JOSEPHINE TEY


Adapted By: John Hyatt

Novel By: Josephine Tey

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700513]


A play for radio by DULCIE GRAY with Richard Hurndall and Sheila Grant

'It's self-defence, that's the whole beauty of it! Self-defence! '


Produced by BETTY DAVIES


Unknown: Dulcie Gray

Unknown: Richard Hurndall

Unknown: Sheila Grant

Produced By: Betty Davies

Jane: Sheila Grant

Edward: Richard Hurndall

Mollie: Audrey Cameron

Alan: Philip Bond

Susan: Madi Hedd

Roderick: John Bentley

Police Inspector: Godfrey Kenton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700515]

From the Sixties:

Miss Anya by JOAN O'CONNOR based on a story by ANTON CHEKHOV with Penelope Lee

At 23 Anya came back from Moscow to her beloved steppe -the Russian countryside she had not seen since she was a girl of 13. But 10 years can see many changes...


Guitar played by GEORGE ELLIOTT Produced by BETTY DAVIES


Unknown: Joan O'Connor

Story By: Anton Chekhov

Unknown: Penelope Lee

Played By: George Elliott

Produced By: Betty Davies

Anya: Penelope Lee

Kostya, the porter: Wilfrid Carter

Sergei: David Spenser

Grandfather Vorodin: Norman Shelley

Aunt Dasha: Hester Paton-Brown

Polinka: Patricia Leventon

Lisaveta: Margaret Wolfit

Doctor Osnipov: Gordon Faith

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700523]

As You Lump It A radio comedy by HAROLD ROTTESMAN

Commercial Television has long provided a sitting target for the satirist - but this time it's the backroom boys rather than the sponsors who take the knocks.




Comedy By: Harold Rottesman

Produced By: Archie Campbell

Stanley Gondola Executive Producer, Pandora tv: Peter Pratt

Peter Peacock, producer: Kerry Francis

Julius Daniel, scriptwriter: Leonard Fenton

Malcolm Horniman, his partner: John Rye

Adam Duxbury, designer: Sean Barrett

Production Assistant: Madi Hedd

Director: Peter Tuddenham

Joe: John Bryning

Jimmy: Andrew Sachs

Bernard: Brian Hewlett

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700525]

Home at Seven by R. C. SHERRIFF with Patrick Barr , Isabel Dean and James Thomason

Had David Preston lost his memory during the 24 hours that he was missing?



Unknown: R. C. Sherriff

Unknown: Patrick Barr

Unknown: Isabel Dean

Unknown: James Thomason

Unknown: Had David Preston

Produced By: Martyn C. Webster

David Preston: Patrick Barr

Janet Preston: Isabel Dean

Dr Sparling: James Thomason

Major Watson: Geoffrey Wincott

Insp Hemingway: Simon Lack

Mr Petherbridge: Michael McClain

Peggy Dobson: Barbara Mitchell

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700527]

Theft of a Small Happiness by DAVID RUSH

A foreign girl is arrested for stealing in a London shop. Why does the only witness hesitate to help her?




Unknown: Molly Rankin

Unknown: Eva Stuart

Unknown: Kevin Flood

Unknown: Stephen Thorne

Produced By: Eileen Cullen

Harry: Lockwood West

Maria: Hana Pravda

John: David Spenser

Karina: Martina Mayne

Fielding: Norman Claridge

Jenkins: Gordon Faith

First Magistrate: Kenneth Hyde

Second Magistrate: Garard Green

Postman: Stephen Thorne

Foreign visitor: Bernard Rebel

Manager of shop: Peter O'Shaughnessy

Shop assistant: Gladys Spencer

Supervisor: Jill Cary

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700528]

A Face in the Night by MALCOLM HULKE


Unknown: Malcolm Hulke

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700529]

From the Sixties:

Please No Flowers by PATRICK RIDDELL with Maurice Denham and Gertrude Russell

General William Cornish is approaching his death with interested but uncommon anticipation. He's that kind of man.

Produced by RONALD MASON


Unknown: Patrick Riddell

Unknown: Maurice Denham

Unknown: Gertrude Russell

Unknown: General William Cornish

Produced By: Ronald Mason

Rachel Maguire: Gertrude Russell

Rodney BriggS: Allan McLelland

General Cornish: Maurice Denham

Elizabeth Cornish: Barbara Mitchell

Nancy McBride: Mary O'Farrell

Club member: Walter Fitzgerald

Club waiter: Ian Thompson

St Francis: John Justin

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700530]

No Extra Charge A comedy for radio by MICHAEL DAVIES with Colin Douglas

Elizabeth Morgan and Patrick MeAlinney

' How the hell can I go back to sea? I'm blind as a bat - I navigate this thing up and down the Thames by following a number 10 bus along the Embankment... I'm a dead duck. Susie, and you know it! '

Produced by RAY MILES †


Unknown: Michael Davies

Unknown: Colin Douglas

Unknown: Elizabeth Morgan

Unknown: Patrick Mealinney

Produced By: Ray Miles

The Captain: Colin Douglas

Susie: Elizabeth Morgan

Chief: Patrick McAlinney

Joe: John Gabriel

Rene: Queenie Watts

Malcolin: Bernard Finch

cath: Nicola Jenkins

Bill: Kerry Francis

Mum: Deborah Dallas

Jimmy: Cordelia Mansell

Maureen: Nicola Jenkins

The Commander: John Bryning

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700608]

The Lighthearted Quest by guy VAESEN from

ANN BRIDGE'S famous novel with Maria Aitken as Julia Probyn , the young and beautiful heroine who embarks on a series of colourful adventures in Morocco in her attempt to trace her missing cousin. (Saturday s broadcast)


Unknown: Maria Aitken

Unknown: Julia Probyn

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700611]

The Drummer Boy

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700612]

From the Sixties: Kittens are Brave by GILES COOPER with Richard Pearson William Fox and Daphne Slater

'Just look at dogs for one moment... they have revolting habits, they smell, they'd bite you if they were brave enough. In fact the only good thing about them is that they are easier to kick than cats...'

One of the last of Giles Cooper 's television plays, adapted for radio and produced by CHARLES LEFEAl 'X


Unknown: Giles Cooper

Unknown: Richard Pearson

Unknown: William Fox

Unknown: Daphne Slater

Unknown: Giles Cooper

Produced By: Charles Lefeal

Wensley Grafton: William Fox

Miles Jarvis: Richard Bebb

Carol Grafton: Daphne Slater

Barbara Shiplake: Cherie Lunghi

The Rev Gordon Shtplake: Richard Pearson

Mrs Shiplake: Sylvia Coleridge

Stephen Shiplake: Christopher Jenkins

Magistrate: Lockwood West

Mrs Beale: Grizelda Hervey

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700613]

The Death Chop by R. B. AMOS with Nigel Anthony and Anthony Sagar

' It's my belief killing Jones has meant a lot to that kid. He can stand up and feel he's a great big tearaway; but he wants others to th'ink so too. He wants to get away with it: but he also wants the credit for it.' Was it as simple as the detective thought?

Produced by R. d. SMITH


Unknown: R. B. Amos

Unknown: Nigel Anthony

Unknown: Anthony Sagar

Produced By: R. D. Smith

Pete: Nicholas Edmett

JumbO: Jon Rollason

Len: Derek Anders

Eric: Nigel Anthony

Albert: Anthony Sagar

Actress: Penelope White

ACtor: Antony Viccars

Mrs Phillips: Lynn Carson

Mr Phillips: Bill Ward

Mrs Porter: Stella Tanner

Conductor: Frank Singuineau

Foreman: Henry Webb

Workman: Stephen Jack

Woman: Lynn Carson

Dick: Antony Viccars

Girl: Penelope White

Mr Stevens: Antony Viccars

Sergeant: James Mellor

Detective: Henry Stamper

Jean: Norah Nimmo

Magistrate: Antony Viccars

Solicitor: Frank Singulneau

Inspector: Stephen Jack

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700615]


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700617]

Hominy and Lemonade by JAMES BARRY

A Jamaican village boy starts to rebel against the conservatism and the overpowering affection of the grandmother who has brought him up.


Produced by ELWYN EVANS


Unknown: James Barry

Unknown: George Webb

Unknown: Valerie Murray

Unknown: Nik Zaran

Unknown: Siobhan Quinlan

Produced By: Elwyn Evans

Cranny Joe: Carmen Munroe

Sonny: Elizabeth Morgan

BOUgSl e: Thomas Baptiste

RiCO: John Hamilton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700618]

A Matter of Life or Else by REX RIENITS

Late at night Dr John Newton was called out to attend an accident case. A life hung in the balance - but whose?


Unknown: Dr John Newton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700626]

From the Sixties:

Court Martial by JULIAN BOND with Hugh Burden and Robert Eddison

A senior army officer refuses to obey an order on humanitarian grounds. Whereas a Court Martial can decide upon the legal responsibilities involved, the moral responsibilities remain largely a matter for the individual conscience.




Unknown: Julian Bond

Unknown: Hugh Burden

Unknown: Robert Eddison

Unknown: John Baddeley

Unknown: Michael Deacon

Unknown: Jonathan Scott

Produced By: John Tydeman

Commander Biker: Donald McKillop

Brigadier Thomson: Austin Trevor

Mr Mathews: Hugh Burden

Col Arlington: Robert Eddison

Col Johnson: Kenneth Hyde

Major Abbott: Tlmothy West

Captain Starling: David Monico

Tafir: Gordon Faith

Mr Farrow: Anthony Jacobs

Judge Advocate: Clive Swift

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700704]

Fly in Amber by ivor wilson

' I don'give a damn who runs the Party. You know what I want. A Knighthood and a real job in the Government.' with John Hollis



Unknown: Ivor Wilson

Unknown: John Hollis

Produced By: Alfred Bradley

Alec Tyne: John Hollis

Kathryn Tyne: Beth Harris

Tom Oldfield: David Mahlowe

Reginald Menna: Ronald Harvi

Karl Lipp: Ronald Haryi

Lou Silver: Malcolm Terris

Sara Tyne: Paddy Stephenson

Victoria: Maureen Beck

Andrew Tillman: Geoffrey Banks

Lucy Adams: Joanna Tope

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700706]

Murder a la Mode

The novel by PATRICIA MOYES adapted for radio by BETTY DAVIES with Rupert Davies

The world of fashion journalism is hectic, colourful, and slightly unreal. But not, as a rule, murderous....


Novel By: Patricia Moyes

Unknown: Betty Davies

Unknown: Rupert Davies

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700708]

The Twilight Ladies by PATRICK SIMPSON

This play of suspense takes place in a small country town in the hackney-carriage-andgaslight era.



Unknown: Patrick Simpson

Produced By: Norman Wright

Mrs Kirton: Hilda Fenemore

David Kirton: Edward Kelsey

Mrs Dodson: Madi Hedd

Mary Carrington: Chris Castor

Maisie: Sonia Fraser

Lady Pickford: Dorothy Lane

Linda Carrington: Kathleen Helme

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700709]

There ain'a Lady Livin' in the Land by ROBIN SMYTH


Unknown: Robin Smyth

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700710]

From the Sixties:

Androcles and the Lion by BERNARD SHAW

A shortened version for radio by PEGGY WELLS with Leslie French

Although his play is a comedy, the piteous plight of the early Christians under their Roman masters gives Shaw a forum for his not uncynical comments upon human frailty in general and Religious Faith and martyrdom in particular. with ANTONY VICCARS


Produced by ARCHIE CAMPBELL followed by an interlude


Unknown: Bernard Shaw

Unknown: Peggy Wells

Unknown: Antony Viccars

Unknown: Peter Baldwin.

Unknown: Carol Marsh

Unknown: Sian Davies

Produced By: Archie Campbell

Androcles, a tailor: Leslie French

Megaera, his wife: Pauline Letts

Centurion: Anthony Baird

Captain: Michael Harbour

Lavinia, a Christian prisoner: Alexa Romanes

Young courtiers: Lentulus: Peter Bartlett

Metellus: John Atterbury

Christian prisoners: Ferrovius: Robert Cawdron

SpinthO: John Baker

Editor of the Gladiators: William Kendrick

Caesar: Heron Carvic

Lion: John Graham

Narrator: Geoffrey Wincott

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700711]

The Rolling Pin by GAIE HOUSTON with Eleanor Summerfield

Not all business executives' wives are overjoyed at the prospect of hardly ever seeing their husbands. Bea Marchland, who has a mind of her own, decides to do something about it.

Produced by RAY MILES


Unknown: Eleanor Summerfield

Produced By: Ray Miles

Bea Marchland: Eleanor Summerfield

Tim Marchland: John Bentley

William: Alan Barry

Sir James Porter: Godfrey Kenton

Theo: Noel Hood

Araminta: Joanna Wake

Lady Porter: Dorothy Edwards

Hattie: Delia Paton

Betty: Nicola Jenkins

Clement: Sean Arnold

Albert: John Gabriel

Ian: Edward Kelsey

George: Gerald Cross

Sheila: Dorothy Edwards

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700713]

The Days That Are Gone A memoir of the Busson-du Maurier family based on the books of DAPHNE DU MAURIER and adapted as two plays for radio by PHILIP LEAVER

2: The Fire in the Glass

London-Paris-Germany: 1811-1863


Radio By: Philip Leaver

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700715]

Man in a Blue Vase by TOM KIRKWOODadapted for radio bv JOY HOLLYER with Miriam Karlin

A young married Australian fights against the domination of his Polish mother and against the trap of marriage.



Unknown: Miriam Karlin

Produced By: Martin Jenkins

Aaron: Nigel Lambert

Herman: Mark Kelly

Reba: Miriam Karlin

Shirley: Patricia Gallimore

Esther: Amber Cecil

Uncle Ben: John Cazabon

Barman: Brian Harrison

Taxi driver: Brian Harrison

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700716]

A Test to Destruction by R. D. WINGFIELD


Unknown: R. D. Wingfield

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700717]

From the Sixties:

Let the Spider Run Alive by GYLES ADAMS with Jack Watling , Patricia Jessel

Anthony Maxted and his wife take a friend's caravan on Dart-moor for a holiday away from it all. But a visit by the mysterious lady who owns the isolated house nearby involves the Maxteds in an unexpected evening of murder, terror, escape, and intrigue.

Produced by JOHN TYDEMAN


Unknown: Gyles Adams

Unknown: Jack Watling

Unknown: Patricia Jessel

Unknown: Anthony Maxted

Produced By: John Tydeman

Elaine Norton: Patricia Jessel

Anthony Maxted: Jack Watling

Louise Maxted: Penelope Lee

Fred Ewens: John Baddeley

Rose: Shirley Cooklin

Esta: Elizabeth Morgan

Spiger: Andrew Sachs

Sanders: Frank Partington

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700723]

The Running Man by JOHN TARRANT

' Manslaughter is a felony, and any person who assists a felon to evade justice by comforting, hiding, or otherwise actively assisting him becomes what is called an accessory after the fact. Do you know what that means? '


Unknown: John Tarrant

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700725]

The Site by DAVID BROOMPIELD with James Copeland

Charles Lamb , Julian Somers Barbara Bolton

There were six houses in the terrace due for demolition. Everyone in them had been given the push, of course, long before. Except old man Carter. He didn'fancy being pushed.

Produced by DAVID GEARY

(Antony Higginson is appearing at the Westminster Theatre, London)


Unknown: David Broompield

Unknown: James Copeland

Unknown: Charles Lamb

Unknown: Julian Somers

Unknown: Barbara Bolton

M cRae: James Copeland

Fred: Dennis Adams

Lad: Andrew Sachs

Parker: Antony Higginson

Sir William: Julian Somers

Walters: Wensley Pithey

Carter: Charles Lamb

Jane: Barbara Bolton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700727]

Holiday in Spala by ROYCE RYTON adapted for radio by ALISON PLOHDEN with Rachel Gurney , Noel Johnson and Patricia Gallimore

The action of the play takes place in the hall of Spala, the Tsar's small shooting lodge in Poland, where the Imperial familv would go for a quiet holiday. It is October 1912. Cast in order of speaking:



Unknown: Royce Ryton

Unknown: Alison Plohden

Unknown: Rachel Gurney

Unknown: Noel Johnson

Unknown: Patricia Gallimore

Produced By: Norman Wright

Grand Duchess Marie Nico taevna: Rita Staines

Grand Duchess Tatiana N-ico laevna (Tania): Elizabeth Proud

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia (Papa. Nicky): Noel Johnson

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nico laevna: Deborah Dallas

Baroness Sophie Buxhoeveden, lady-in-waiting to the Tsarina: Sonia Fraser

Grand Duchess Olga Nico-laevna: Patricia Gallimore

Tsarina Alexandra Fedorovna (Alix, Mama, Sunny): Rachel Gurney

Grand DukeAlexei Nicolaevich: Jo Manning Wilson

Count Fredericks Chamberlain to the Tsar: Clifford Norgate

Dr Botkin: George Raistrick

Crown Princess Marie of Rumania (MiSSy): Hadi Hedd

Prince Carol of Rumania, her Son: John Rye

Princess Radziwill: Hilda Krisemak

Prince Nicholas Youssoupoff: James Thomason

Dowager Empress Marie of Russia (Motherdear, Mama), mother to the Tsar: Margot Boyd

Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich (Sandroi, brother-in-law and cousin to the Tsar: Hector Ross

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700729]

A Cargo of Rice bv ARTHUR SWINSON

The Eastern Pride, an elderly vessel, is homeward bound across the Bay of Bengal with a caTgo of rice when she runs unexpectedly into bad weather - Principal characters:



Produced By: Joe Burroughs

Capt Chapman, Master of the Eastern Pride: Lockwood West

John Seeker First Officer: Alexander John

Edward Fanshawe Second Officer: Antony Viccars

Martin Trumble, Third Officer: Wilfrid Carter

Sandy McFee, Chief Engineer: Duncan McIntyre

Mr Franklin, the carpenter: Alan Dudley

Capt Turnbull RN: Garard Green

Lt-Cmdr Kevans, RN: Victor Lucas

A Petty Officer: Nigel Graham

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700730]

Come on then, astonish me! bV ANDREW DAVIES

Another play in which the indomitable Steph Smith meets the world head-on and finds it wanting.


Unknown: Steph Smith

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700731]

From the Sixties:

A Dead Liberty by ALAN GOSLING

' Right. Well, we got it established legally that he ain'got no right to die on our premises! ' with Peter Pratt as Jack Flint

Dandy Nichols as Ginny Flint MALCOLM HAVES as Mr Merit 's brother

EARL CAMERON as the Doctor

Produced bv JOHN GIBSON


Unknown: Alan Gosling

Unknown: Peter Pratt

Unknown: Jack Flint

Unknown: Dandy Nichols

Unknown: Ginny Flint

Unknown: Malcolm Haves

Unknown: Mr Merit

Unknown: Earl Cameron

Unknown: John Gibson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700813]

Maugham the Storyteller The Colonel's Lady

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700926]

I Was the Drummer in that Lousy Army

A play for radio by ROY BOLITHO with T. P. McKenna and Blain Fairman

The Civil War was long over and an old man fights old battles. A prodigal son disturbs the family and the old man's dreams. What is truth and what fantasy?

Produced by R. D. SMITH


Unknown: Roy Bolitho

Unknown: T. P. McKenna

Unknown: Blain Fairman

Produced By: R. D. Smith

Stella Deever: Margaret Robertson

Joe Deever: Henry Stamper

Cora Brewster: Jennifer Lee

Dred Saunders: Neville Aurelius

William F Brewster: T. P. McKenna

Dorcas Deever: Ann Murray

Nick Brewster: Blain Fairman

Johnny: Paul Hennan

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700930]

On a West Wind Rising by ALLAN PEACOCK

You may recall the strange events in the West Country when unexplained phenomena moved in the sky: bright lights that swooped down and stopped all electrical transmission in the area. Is it really Gran up to her old tricks again? You may not believe it, but then neither did Alec - Sir Alexander Hogarthy , world-renowned anthropologist- until he was brought face to face with certain facts he couldn'afford to ignore...

Produced by BRIAN MILLER (from Bristol)


Unknown: Allan Peacock

Unknown: Alexander Hogarthy

Produced By: Brian Miller

with Alec: Peter Jeffrey

Jane: Meg Wynn Owen

Gran: Marjorie Westbury

Trevor: And Heath Walker

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701003]

Mrs Hauksbee

A play by A. R. RAWLINSON freely adapted from A Second-rate Woman and A Germ Destroyer, two short stories by RUDYARD KIPLING with Mary Wimbush

It is Simla in the 1890s and the fascinating Mrs Hauksbee is probably the wittiest woman there - she loves to involve herself in the lives of others.

Produced by JOHN TYDEMAN


Unknown: Mrs Hauksbee

Play By: A. R. Rawlinson

Stories By: Rudyard Kipling

Unknown: Mary Wimbush

Unknown: Mrs Hauksbee

Produced By: John Tydeman

R K: Sean Barrett

Mellish: John Gabriel

Mrs Hauksbee: Mary Wimbush

Mrs Mallowe: Gudrun Ure

Hawley: John Rye

Hotel Receptionist: Nigel Lambert

Mrs Waddy: Sonia Fraser

Mrs Delville: Sheila Grant

Bent: James Thomason

Dr Howlen: Peter Tuddenham

Mrs Bent: Madi Hedd

Ayah: Heather Emmanuel

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701010]

Filthy Fryer and the Woman of Maturer Years by ANDREW DAVIES

1 What do they mean, Filthy Fryer. They don'even know me. None of them. Still. If that's the way they want it. I embrace my reputation.' and GEORGE WOOLLEY




Unknown: Andrew Davies

Unknown: George Woolley

Unknown: Frank Moorey

Unknown: Carol Vale

Unknown: Alex Johnston

Unknown: Eileen Barry

Produced By: Anthony Cornish

Filthy Fryer: Derek Seaton

Mrs McFarlane: Patricia Green

Melanie: Catherine Crutchley

Watkins: John Ogwen

Price: Peter Biddle

Marquis de Sade: David King

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701012]

Death of an Escapologist by DAVID WILLIAMS


Unknown: David Williams

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701014]

Maugham the Storyteller: Episode A short story by W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM adapted as a radio play by ROBIN SMYTH withand

Success had given George Carter grand ideas for his only child, Gracie. He hoped she'd marry a professional man perhaps, or at least someone in the City. So it came as rather a shock to find she was going out with Fred Manson.

Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY


Play By: Robin Smyth

Unknown: George Carter

Unknown: Fred Manson.

Produced By: David H. Godfrey

the Storyteller: Carleton Hobbs

Fred Manson: Nigel Anthony

Gracie Carter: Jo Manning Wilson

Albert: Gordon Faith

Joe Manson: John Dearth

Florence: Jane Knowles

George Carter: Hector Ross

Mrs Carter: Margot Boyd

Warder: Ronald Forfar

Ned Preston: Kerry Francis

Annie Oliver: Susan Edmonstone

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701015]

The Double Dealers by JOHN ELLIOT


Unknown: John Elliot

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701016]

From the Sixties: Chocky by JOHN WYNDHAM : adapted for radio by JOHN TYDEMAN with Eric Thompson

Matthew is 12, and a completely normal child. Suddenly he starts asking unusual questions and behaving oddly. It is then that his parents become aware of Chocky. Dennis Chattery JOHN BADDELEY himself and JACK DE manio Produced by JOHN TYDEMAN

A selection of the best 60-minute plays broadcast during the last decade.


Unknown: John Wyndham

Unknown: John Tydeman

Unknown: Eric Thompson

Produced By: John Tydeman

Matthew Gore: J Bennett

David Gore: Eric Thompson

Mary Gore: Sheila Grant

Alan Froome: Peter Baldwin

Roy Landis: Michael Spice

Sir William Thorne: Rolf Lefebvre

Dr Frost: Lockwood West

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701024]

The Man at the Wheel by ARTHUR SWINSON with Clifford Norgate , Hector Ross Terence de Marney

At six minutes to four on the morning of the 14th the Assaye collided with the Danish coaster Marianne which had suddenly swung across her bows. Evidence to this effect came from the Second Officer and the man at the wheel. So the case seemed quite straightforward.

Produced by DAVID GEARY


Unknown: Arthur Swinson

Unknown: Clifford Norgate

Unknown: Hector Ross

Unknown: Terence de Marney

Produced By: David Geary

Captain Johannsen: Edward Kelsey

Gerda: Jo Manning Wilson

Caroline: Paddy Stephenson

John Lakeman: Clifford Norgate

Earnshaw: Hector Ross

Captain O'Neill: Terence de Marney

Mr Bilton: Jeremy Wilkin

Surveyor: Edward Kelsey

AB Harper: Peter Hill

Ashcrof: Richard Steele

Carter: Anthony Brothers

Reporter: Roger Sansom

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701026]

The Rainmaker by N. RICHARD NASH


Unknown: N. Richard Nash

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701028]

Stranger at the Gate A play for radio by WILLIAM INGRAM with Meredith Edwards and William Ingram

'I could just be looking for the conventional ending, of course. Beloved kith and kin gathered round the death bed. Confessions and prayers, and forgiveness at the last. Couldn'it turn out to be something as corny and simple as that? '

Children's choir trained and conducted by EDWENA EVANS Organist BRIAN DEE

Produced by BETTY DAVIES


Unknown: William Ingram

Unknown: Meredith Edwards

Unknown: William Ingram

Conducted By: Edwena Evans

Organist: Brian Dee

Produced By: Betty Davies

Mostyn Roberts: Meredith Edwards

Dr Marsh: Windsor Davies

Iestyn Roberts: William Ingram

Sarah Roberts: Christine Pollon

Cass Roberts: Elizabeth Morgan

Councillor: John Dearth

Station Porter: Talfryn Thomas

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701030]

From the Sixties: The Quarter-million Boys A Sentimental Journey to a Dead City by BLOKE MODISANE

The story of a man who is too black to be white and too educated to be black.

Produced by CHARLES LEFEAUX A selection of the best 60-minute plays broadcast during the last decade.


Produced By: Charles Lefeaux

Davey Martins: Rufus Khoza

Deadwood D'ck: Joe Mogotsi

Caiaphas Sedumo: Bloke Modisane

Batlleship: Jelllo Edwards

Anthony: Frederick Treves

Rosemary: Jan Edwards

Jakob: John Gabriel

fiet: Hector Ross

Dikeledi: Daphne Cline-Thomas

Pontiac Mick: Lionel Ngakane

A Nice-Time Girl: Patience Gcwabe

A Police Sergeant: Lyemi Ajibade

A Prisoner: Cosmo Pieterse

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701114]

Circumstantial Evidence by EDDIE MAGUIRE with , a long-distance lorry driver, who has his load stolen while he is in a transport café...



Unknown: Eddie Maguire

Produced By: Audrey Cameron

Fred Daly: Ronald Baddlley

Bert Tarrant: John Bryning

Insp Cole: Eric Anderson

Sgt Stacey: Arthur Lawrence

Insp LUnt: Michael Kilgarriff

George Clark: Hector Ross

Peggy Daly: Betty Huntley-Wright

Rakes: Henry Stamper

Tiny: Harold Kasket

Squad car driver: Hector Ross

Squad car officer: Bruce Beeby

Hare: Peter Bartlett

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701116]

Edgar and Charles by BARRY PEROWNE

There is much in the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire to suggest that their affinity may have been based on an actual meeting. But where and when?


Unknown: Barry Perowne

Unknown: Edgar Allan Poe

Unknown: Charles Baudelaire

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701118]

A Regular Gent by PETER F. FERGUSON

The story of Tommy, whose gypsy family, forever harassed by local ' authorities,' try to persuade him to go ' regular '

Produced by JAMES DUCKETT (from Birmingham)


Unknown: Peter F. Ferguson

Produced By: James Duckett

Perkins: James Duggan

Fretwell: George Woolley

Martha: Patricia Green

Dad: Gordon Gostelow

Ern: George Woolley

Lil: Jacqueline Nicholas

Tommy: Keith Drinkel

Rawlings: Jack Holloway

Sanitary Inspector: Roger Milner

Police Constable: James Duggan

Ruben: Julian Somers

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701119]


The Storyteller:

The Unconquered by w. SOMERSET MAUGHAM dramatised for radio by MICHAEL J. BIRD with Carleton Hobbs as Maugham


Unknown: Michael J. Bird

Unknown: Carleton Hobbs

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701120]

From the Sixties:

The Promised Land by RAY BUTLER with Rosalie Crutchley and Cyril Shaps

In a conflict of loyalties, where does a man's duty lie? To his friends? To a long-cherished dream? Or to the woman he loves?

The action takes place in the East End premises of a small private firm, and in Dido's flat above the offices.


A selection of the best 60-minute plays broadcast during the last decade. ' You've got'to do Something' by Lee Torrance


Unknown: Ray Butler

Unknown: Rosalie Crutchley

Unknown: Cyril Shaps

Bella, a typist: Cécile Chevreau

Dido, an executive: Rosalie Crutchley

Tom, an office-boy: Fraser Kerr

Achim, an employee: Cyril Shaps

His friends: MosChe: Gabriel Woolf

His friends: Chaim: Howard Goorney

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701205]

A Passing of Power by ALICK ROWE

'But we're not thieves, Mrs Prince. Thieves don'ring and ask for admission.... So why did you think it necessary to try to call the police? '

Produced by COLIN TUCKER


Unknown: Alick Rowe

Unknown: Mrs Prince.

Produced By: Colin Tucker

Tommy Prince: Edward Kelsey

Betty Prince: Olwen Griffiths

John: Nigel Anthony

Taff: Clive Morrison

Chris: Bernard Finch

Knotty: Eric Allan

Sergeant: Gerald Cross

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701207]

An Ideal Husband by OSCAR WILDE with Noel Johnson , Ronald Lewis Jane Wenham

Rosemary Martin

A revival of Wilde's famous play, first produced in 1895, that tells of a serious indiscretion which Mrs Cheveley attempts to turn to her advantage.

Produced by DAVID GEARY


Unknown: Noel Johnson

Unknown: Ronald Lewis

Unknown: Jane Wenham

Unknown: Rosemary Martin

Unknown: Mrs Cheveley

Produced By: David Geary

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701209]

Furnished Room and Philodendron by KAROLY SZAKONYI

The author was born in Budapest in 1931. He joined the army and tater worked as factory-hand, clerk, lorry driver, and shopkeeper. He has written short stories, plays, and documentaries for radio and stage.

Furnished Room and Philodendron was a Hungarian entry for the Italia Prize. with Cyril Shaps , Sylvia Coleridge and John Rye

A young man, searching for a furnished room in Budapest, meets a mysterious lady who, years before, had fascinated him by her beauty.



Unknown: Karoly Szakonyi

Unknown: Cyril Shaps

Unknown: Sylvia Coleridge

Unknown: John Rye

Produced By: Charles Lefeaux

The Young Man: John Rye

The Young Woman: Patricia Gllimore

An Old Man: Cyril Shaps

Mrs Jonas: Sheila Grant

Her Son: Judy Bennett

Mr Jonas: John Gabriel

Grandmother: Wynne Clark

Concierge: Kathleen Helme

Vilma: Sylvia Coleridge

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701210]

You never think it's you

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701211]

From the Sixties:

The Feast of St Luke byARTHURSWINSON

The Dean of the Parish Cathedral of St Wulfric has strong ideas about Christianity as a social force and about the need for attracting more people to his church.


A selection of the best 60-minute plays broadcast during the last decade.


Produced By: Joe Burroughs

The Dean: Patrick Barr

John Basildon: Keith Alexander

The Precentor: Michael McClain

Canon Cribbing: Walter Fitzgerald

The Rev Jason Longworth: Anthony Hall

The Sub-Dean: Stephen Jack

Ian Duncan: Brian Hewlett

The Dean's wife: Cecile Chevreau

The Bishop: Peter Claughton

Mr Johns: Leigh Crutchley

Secretary: Carol Marsh

Charles Straker: Keith Alexander

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701212]

Bound to Go Written for radio by IAN S. MUNRO with John Grieve

' Discourage him? Tell him of the men who took their pleasure from the sea, and women weeping at the waves that dashed all pleasure from their world? Would that discourage him? '

Produced by STEWART CONN (from Glasgow)


Unknown: Ian S. Munro

Unknown: John Grieve

Produced By: Stewart Conn

Peter: John Grieve

Jessie, his daughter: Ida Schuster

David, his grandson: David Gallagher

Sandy, his old shipmate: Roddy McMillan

Nurse: Joan Fitzpatrick

Minister: Jack Henry

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701214]

Remains To Be Seen A new play for radio by JOHN HYATT

On the eve of the transfer of St Wilfrid's remains from the village in which he is buried to the Cathedral in a nearby town, the relics are found to have disappeared...



Unknown: John Hyatt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701216]

A Bark of the Fox by ROBIN HOUSTON

'New cut grass... the smell of summer: Christmas pudding, mixed spices... the smell of winter; but autumn now, it has the smell of death.'

Produced by GERRY JONES


Produced By: Gerry Jones

Peter Boswell: David Valla

Jennie Anslee: Jane Knowles

Timothy Johnson: Edward Seckerson

Mr Boswell: Frederick Treves

Mrs Boswell: Lorna Rosslyn

Mr Anstee: John Gabriel

Mrs Anstee: Kathleen Helme

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701217]

Stop Off

A play for radio by WILLIAM INGRAM with


Unknown: William Ingram

the Tramp: Freddie Jones

Boy: Keith Skinner

Mick: Patrick Tull

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701218]

From the Sixties: The

Soldier and the Woman by ELAINE MORGAN : adapted for radio by PEGGY WELLS with Rosalie Crutchley and Cyril Luckham

One of Herod's officers Is discovered badly wounded in the stables of the inn by Rachel, the innkeeper's wife, who has lost her child in the massacre of the innocents. Shall the officer die or live?


A selection of the best 60-minute plays broadcast during the last decade.


Unknown: Elaine Morgan

Radio By: Peggy Wells

Unknown: Rosalie Crutchley

Unknown: Cyril Luckham

Unknown: Herbert Davies

Rachel: Rosalie Crutchley

Simon: Cyril Luckham

An officer: Edward Hardwicke

A soldier: Denys Graham

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701221]

The Mourning Raga

The novel by ELLIS PETERS adapted for radio by BETTY DAVIES


Novel By: Ellis Peters

Unknown: Betty Davies

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701223]

The Cooker

A play for radio by DAVID WADE with Dinsdale Landen and Prunella Scales

' If you play your cards Just a little cleverly, don't you think you could persuade dear Jim to part with the price of a new cooker after all? You do need a new cooker, don't you? '

Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY (Dinsdale Landen is in 'The Philanthropist' at the May Fair Theatre, London)


Unknown: David Wade

Unknown: Dinsdale Landen

Unknown: Prunella Scales

Produced By: David H. Godfrey

Produced By: Dinsdale Landen

Mary Hale: Prunella Scales

Evelyn: Monica Grey

Jim Hale: Dinsdale Landen

: Hugopeter Tuddenham

Van driver: Richard Griffiths

An electrician: Sean Arnold

Fred, his mate: John Samson

Waitress: Judith Boyd

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701224]

The Bolt Hole by LAN(;TON SMITH with Nora Nicholson

Dorothy Lane and Margot Boyd The three Hamshaw sisters come to live in a remote house on the edge of Dartmoor. It is to be a quiet peaceful life, but once you take in one ' uninvited guest ' things can start to snowball...

Produced by GLYN DEARMAN


Unknown: Nora Nicholson

Unknown: Dorothy Lane

Unknown: Margot Boyd

Produced By: Glyn Dearman

Mrs Pargiter: Kathleen Helme

Joanna Hamshaw: Margot Boyd

Tessa Hamshaw: Dorothy Lane

May Hamshaw: Nora Nicholson

Constable: Brian Hewlett

Prettyboy Willis: John Hollis

COX: Michael Brennan

Harrison: Brian Hewlett

Tammy Hamshaw: Frances Jeater

Michael Scott: Peter Baldwin

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701226]

The Felonious Marriage A comedy by LYDIA RAGOSIN with Denise Bryer

The trial of Elizabeth, the Dowager Duchess of Kingston, for bigamy in 1776, and the extraordinary events which led up to it.



Comedy By: Lydia Ragosin

Unknown: Denise Bryer

Produced By: Charles Lefeaux

Duchess of Devonshire: Betty Baskcomb

Countess of Derby: Margaret Wolfit

Elizabeth Chudleigh: Denise Bryer

Mr Wallace: John Gabriel

Attorney-General: Edward Kelsey

Duke of Hamilton: Brian Hewlett

Mrs Hanmer: Margot Boyd

Augustus Hervey: John Rye

Mrs Chudleigh: Eva Stuart

Lord Chesterfield: Clifford Norgate

Duke of Kingston: Nigel Lambert

Mr Amis: Trevor Martin

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701228]


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701230]

The Issue at Cocklesford by JOHN BRADDOCK

At the death of Sir Percy, heirs legitimate and illegitimate converge on Cocklesford Hall , with slightly unexpectedresults.

Produced by BRIAN MILLER (from Bristol)


Unknown: John Braddock

Unknown: Cocklesford Hall

Produced By: Brian Miller

Sir Eustace Cocklesford: Moray Watson

Bennett: John Crocker

Lady Pamela: Peggy Thorpe-Bates

Arbuthnot: David Jackson

Gregory: Peter May

Sarah: Yvonne Antrobus

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701231]

Stanislaus and the Princess

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801001]

Unknown: Jennifer Phillips

Directed By: Pat Trueman

Neccho: Derek Griffiths

Tui, his wife: Linda Polan

Kenamun: Gordon Reid

Ta'kha' et: Diana Bishop

TOJO: Leonard Fenton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801002]

Unknown: Oliver Davies

Jo: Jenny Lee

Rob: Haydn Wood

Becky: Susan Sheridan

Isobel: Diana Bishop

Tricia: Lolly Cockerell

Eddie: Martin Friend

Denis: Siön Probert

Peter: John Church

Directed by: David Johnston

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801003]

Unknown: Emily Pearson.

Directed By: Pat Trueman

Helen Norris: Angharad Rees

Frederick Norris, QC: Malcolm Stoddard

Recorder: Gordon Reid

Emily Pearson: Christine Absalom

Charlotte Baxter Lady Scott: Diana Bishop

Mr Baxter: Martin Friend

Mr Pearson/Sir William Scott: Brian Haines

Edward Scott: Nicholas Gecks

Kent: Siôn Probert

Mason: John Church

Turnkey: Gordon Reid

Elizabeth/Mary: Lolly Cockkrell

Jackson/Mr Cotton: Christopher Scott

Mr Eldon/Harvey: Alexander John

Old Kate: Peggy Paige

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801005]

Unknown: John Arden.

Don Quixote: Bob Grant

Sancho Panza: Bernard Cribbins

Cervantes: Ronald Baddiley

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801006]

Unknown: Craham Gauld

Henry: Flora Robson

Dino: Graham Faulkner

Elsie: Jane Knowles

the Admiral: Timothy Eateson

Meredith: Sean Barrett

Emily: Margot Boyd

Sabrina: Carol Marsh

Wallace: Brian Haines

Charles: Martin Friend

Rupert: Kenneth Barrow

Delia: Paula Tinker

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801008]

Directed By: Caroline Smith

Payton: Carard Green

Gates: Christopher Godwin

West/Good: David Ross

Smith: Kate Lee

Robinson/Pollock: Simon Molloy

Pitt/Tonks: John Branwell

Glover/Lisa: Angela Catherall

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801009]

Unknown: Mrs Potter

Unknown: Carol Richards

Unknown: Nicholas Smith

Music By: Clive Whltburn

Directed By: Vanessa Whitburn

Nicholas Smith: Gareth Armstrong

Aunt Etty Smith: Eliza Hunt

Mrs Daphne Potter: Patricia Gallimore

Mr Peter Potter: John Baddeley

Mrs Marjorie Picton: Jill Meers

Mr Dennis Picton: Gordon Reid

Mr Amos Strike: Terry Molloy

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801012]

Unknown: John Arden.

Unknown: Bob Grant

Unknown: Don Quixote

Unknown: Bernard Cribbins

Unknown: Sancho Panza

Unknown: Ronald Baddiley

Unknown: Cervantes Don Quixote

Composed By: Stephen Boxer

Directed By: Alfred Bradley

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801016]

Daydream Believer by HARRY DUFFIN

Sue is a 16-year-old who lives in a dream world inhabited by such film stars as Clint Eastwood. She believes that this is the sort of man who will take her away from the inevitable marriage and kids that she sees as her only future. One day a real ' Clint ' turns up.

Directed byCAROLiNE SMITH BBC Manchester

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801016]

Unknown: Harry Duffin

Unknown: Clint Eastwood.

Sue: Annie Tyson

Man/Dad/Man Two: Kenneth Alan Taylor

Mary: Judith Barker

Alice: Ann Rye

Tony: Alan Parnaby

Barman/Man One: Tim -Iremonger

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801017]

Associated Residents by TONY PARKER

The establishment of a hostel for ex-prisoners in a wealthy middle-class suburb rarely passes without protest. In this case however it also provokes an analysis and examination of a group of individuals who previously regarded each other only as neighbours.

Peter Wilson. TERRY MOLLOY Jennifer Scott



Directed by ROGER PINE BBC Birmingham

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801017]

Unknown: Tony Parker

Unknown: Peter Wilson.

Unknown: Molloy Jennifer Scott

Unknown: Patricia Gallimore

Unknown: Geoff Scott.

Directed By: Roger Pine

Celia Canning-Whyte: Penelope Lee

Jill Phillips: Margot Boyd

The Reverend Bigsby: William Eedle

Colonel Wilfred Johnson: Patrick Barr

Mr Morgan Davies: Ray Dunbobbin

Councillor Ernest Blakely: Anthony Benson

Len: Alan Devereux

Kevin: John Rowe

Simon: Nigel Anthony

Tommy: Ralph Lawton

Mrs Wilkinson: Patricia Gibson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801019]

Jane Lapotaire as Electra A new verse translation of Sophocles' play by DEREK COLTMAN

To spend one's days mourning your father and having to live with his murderers is an unendurable way of life. Electra is only sustained by the hope that one day her brother will return and avenge their father's death. But why doesn't he come? Directed by JANE MORGAN. A World Service production

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801019]

Unknown: Jane Lapotaire

Play By: Derek Coltman

Directed By: Jane Morgan.

Orestes: Michael Pennington

Clytemnestra: Margaret Tyzack

the Mentor: Jeremy Kemp

Chrysothemis: Cheryl Campbell

the Nurse: Pauline Letts

Aegisthus: Philip Voss

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801020]

The First Flame by PETER TERSON

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801020]

Unknown: Peter Terson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801022]

Me and My Shadow by CAROLINE BENNETT

' Who do you love best, me or the dog? That's a question which is usually said as a joke, but for Amy and Alan, it becomes rather more than a joke.

Directed by JANE MORGAN Recorded on location by JULIAN WALTHER and NIGEL EDWARDS

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801022]

Unknown: Caroline Bennett

Directed By: Jane Morgan

Unknown: Julian Walther

Unknown: Nigel Edwards

Amy: Caroline Mortimer

Alan: John Bennett

Michael: Nigel Greaves

Mum: Pauline Letts

TV Announcer: Judt Franklin

Child: Eve Karpf

Pooh: Satchmo

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801023]

Summer Trade by NICK DARKE

The rebuilding of a traditional old Cornish pub along modern bijou lines signals a change also in the lives of those who work and drink in it.

Co-winner of the George Devine Award for Best Play of 1979 Directed by BRIAN MILLER BBC Bristol

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801023]

Unknown: Nick Darke

Unknown: George Devine

Directed By: Brian Miller

Molly: Judith Sydney

Olive: Constance Chapman

Maynard: Matthew Solon

Huffy: Donald McBr1de

John: Christian Rodska

Leicester: Jon Croft

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801024]

The Corporation's Man by NORMAN THOMAS

The play is set in the insane world of back-stabbing, double-dealing, office politics. The corporation madhouse where some fight and some hide in the everyday story of survival.

Directed by GERRY JONES

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801024]

Unknown: Norman Thomas

Directed By: Gerry Jones

David: Andrew Branch

Jim: Allan Cuthbertson

Pamela: Jenny Lee

Sam: Manning Wilson

Ann: Elizabeth Rider

Mother: Pauline Letts

Binney: Leonard Fenton

Safety Officer: Siõn Probert

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801026]

Men on White Horses by PAMELA HAINES dramatised for radio by SHIRLEY GEE with Through the shadow that hung so menacingly over Edwina's life, it was the brightness of her musical talent that gave her the will to survive.


Genome: [r4 Bd=19801026]

Unknown: Pamela Haines

Directed By: David Spenser

Edwina: Harriet Walter

Fanny: Polly James

Ben: Ian Sharrock

Mrs Illingworth: Carole Boyd

Marchesa: Betty Hardy

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801027]

The Last Invasion of London by JOHN ROBERT

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801027]

Unknown: John Robert

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801029]


Melissa is a ' normal two-year-old child in every respect save one: she is deaf. If she is to survive in a world where a sense of hearing is taken for granted, then she will obviously require special attention from her parents. Naturally everyone expects Melissa's mother to give up her job as a teacher and devote her life to her child. In fact this solution seems natural to everyone except Melissa's mother

Directed by ROBERT COOPER BBC Northern Ireland

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801029]

Unknown: Dorothy Gharbaoui

Directed By: Robert Cooper

Barbara Jackson: Valerie Lilley

Stephen Jackson: Sean Barrett

Kevin: Stephen Furpby

Katy: Jennifer Wright

Mrs Thurley: Trudy Kellt

Derek: Desmond MacAleer

Barbara's mother: Margaret D'Arcy

Audiologist: John Keegan

Miss Lowry: Stella McCusker

Sharon: Shireen Shah

Mrs Adams: Catherine Gibson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801030]

Owen's Black Friday by PETER SILCOCK

Friday was never a lucky day for Owen Beaumont Deakin, and this particular Friday it seems he is more than ever powerless to prevent the world he has so shakily built from crumbling away piece by piece.

Directed by DAVID SHEASBY BBC Manchester

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801030]

Unknown: Peter Silcock

Unknown: Owen Beaumont

Directed By: David Sheasby

Owen: Christopher Godwin

Lindsey/Gloria: Kate Lee

berkeley/postlewhite: Geoffrey Banks

Jimmy: Peter Bell

Mrs Deakin: Kathleen Helme

skillicorn/docherty: Geoff Tomlinson

Deirdre: Karen Petrie

Cath: Judith Barker

Genome: [r4 Bd=19801031]


Isolda is a gifted young cellist studying at a specialist school and working towards an important competition. Her life is dominated by music. Her father is a well-known concert pianist; her mother has sacrificed her own career for the sake of her family. But the marriage is going through a difficult phase. Isolda is caught in the cross-fire, and begins to feel there's more to life than being a digy


Genome: [r4 Bd=19801031]

Piano: Stuart Hutchinson

Directed By: Cherry Cookson

Tom: David Buck

Gabrielle: Sonia Fraser

Sarah: Elizabeth Rider

Isolda: Elizabeth Undsay

Jeremy: David Bradshawe

Peter: Roger Hammond

Cynthia: Judy Franklin

FeliX: John Webb