Afternoon Theatre A Shanty In Istanbul


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700812]
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700812]

The prize-winning Turkish play by BASAR SABUNCU translated by NERMIN STREATER '... a small window bought from a junk dealer, two doors that do not match, and walls not properly plastered yet. In one corner a small sink. a wire-mesh cupboard. and a few plate-shelves serve as a kitchen: in another corner a curtain of cheap flowered-cotton conceals Grandfather's bedroom. Bits of embroidery (remnants of Sabiha's dowry) have been tossed on the table, the radio, and the metal trunk as if to prepare the Shanty for a special occasion... '

Nezahat. Tahsin's wife.MADI HEDD Arranged for radio and produced by RAYMOND RAIKES This play won an Honourable Mention in the recent Eau ' Eurotheatre ' Competition, and was also awarded a prize bv the Society of Art Lovers in Turkey as one of the two best plays of the year. The author. Basar Sabuncu , works with Ankara Radio.


Play By: Basar Sabuncu

Translated By: Nermin Streater

Produced By: Raymond Raikes

Unknown: Basar Sabuncu

Sabri, a night-watchman at a factory: Andrew Sachs

Sabiha, his wife: Patricia Gallimore

Saadet, his daughter: Denise Bryer

Yilmaz his son: Nigel Lambert

Grandfather: John Gabriel

Tahsin, Sabri's boss: Wilfrid Carter