Afternoon Theatre Albury '34


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701128]
Genome: [r4 Bd=19701128]

A play adapted from his book The Great Air Race by ARTHUR SWINSON

In October 1934 20 aircraft of six nations, flown by some of the world's greatest pilots, took part in a race from England to Australia as part of the Melbourne centenary celebrations. The play focuses on the Douglas Dc2 airliner entered by KLM and carrying three passengers.



Unknown: Arthur Swinson

Produced By: Joe Burroughs

Koene Parmentier, Captain of the aircraft: Rolf Lefebvre

Jan Moll, co-pilot: Alexander John

Cornelis Van Brugge, radio operator: Antony Viccars

Flight Lt Armstrong,: Raaf Anthony Jackson

AU Waugh, Mayor of Albury: Russell Napier

Mary, his secretary: Betty Hardy

Helen Jackson: Gwenda Wilson

Bowden Fletcher: Keith Alexander

George: Haydn Jones

Radio Commentator: Nigel Graham

Peter Shand: Anthony Brothers

Narrator: Duncan McIntyre