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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700516]
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700516]

A play for radio by RICHARD AUSTIN with Terence Brady

Pauline Delaney , Donal Donnelly and Patrick McAllnney

Strange goings on at Ballimane: a cock that lays eggs, a revolutionary journalist bent on undermining the Church, a Bishop determined on a grant to repair his palace, a girl who just wants to get married... Produced by SUSANNA CAPON

(Patrick McAlinney is in ' Hadrian VII' at the Haymarket Theatre, London)


Radio By: Richard Austin

Unknown: Terence Brady

Unknown: Pauline Delaney

Unknown: Donal Donnelly

Unknown: Patrick McAllnney

Produced By: Susanna Capon

Produced By: Patrick McAlinney

O'DOWd: Terence Brady

Theresa: Pauline Delaney

Marx Fenton: Donal Donnelly

The Bishop of Ballimane: Patrick McAlinney

Mary: Kate Binchy

Fr Coran: Alan Barry

Mr Keefer: Harry Webster

Desmond: Judy Bennett

Maureen: Rosalind Shanks

Kevin: Peter Mayock

Mrs O'Meara: Peggy Marshall