Afternoon Theatre Fawcett! Fawcett!


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700801]
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700801]

by ALICK ROWE with Peter Bayliss

Boo! Squish! The boys are revolting! (But so are the masters). Fawcett (pronounced Fossett) must be the most ghastly school since D.otheboys Hall. But the wind of change is whistling down the corridors. The Staff:

School song composed by GUY HALAHAN : sung by boys of the Wanstead High and Royal Wanstead Schools

Produced by COLIN TUCKER


Unknown: Alick Rowe

Unknown: Peter Bayliss

Composed By: Guy Halahan

Produced By: Colin Tucker

The Headmaster: Peter Bayliss

The Chaplain: Geoffrey Bayldon

The Major: Henry McGee

Corner: Frank Thornton

Prothersthwaite: Rolf Lefebvre

Tibbins: Leslie Heritage

Russell: Nigel Lambert

The Boys: Washington: Brian Hewlett

The Boys: Aston: Matthew Walters

The Boys: Williams: Louis Cabot

The Boys: Glyn: David Valia

The Boys: Sniggershold: Judy Bennett

Blenkinsop Minor: Cordelia Mansall

The Caretaker:Potts: Andrew Sachs

The Visitors: Donald: David Valla

The Visitors: Bernard: Andrew Sachs

The Visitors: The: Lone Female:

The Visitors: Enid: Margot Boyd

School pin-up: Raquel Welch