Afternoon Theatre From The Sixties - Cathedral Ten Minutes


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700424]
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700424]

by PETER PRESTON with Denys Blakelock and Rolf Lefebvre

Today the cathedral stands as a breathtaking monument to the glory of God, even if tourists think it only worth ten minutes of their time.

How was it built and what were the motives? Was it right that in the 13th century things spiritual should have won over things material, and is it still right today?

Produced by JOHN TYDEMAN


Unknown: Peter Preston

Unknown: Denys Blakelock

Unknown: Rolf Lefebvre

Produced By: John Tydeman

Coach driver: Stephen Jack

Alice: Valerie Taylor

Dorothy: Cecile Chevreau

The Bishop: Denys Blakelock

Humphrey: Patrick Barr

The Abbess: Molly Rankin

Cicely: Ellzabeth Martin

Gilbert: Rolf Lefebvre

Nicholas: Bryan Poyser

Agatha: Noel Hood

Steward: Jonathan Scott