Afternoon Theatre Lady Holloway


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700114]
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700114]

by GERALD KELSEY with Nora Nicholson and Alan Webb

Addie Lovelace is released from prison after serving a sentence for fraudulently deceiving an elderly gentleman. She goes to live with her sister who is extremely worried when Addie seems to be up to her old tricks again.

Addie Lovelace...NORA NICHOLSON

Produced by MARTIN JENKINS †


Unknown: Gerald Kelsey

Unknown: Nora Nicholson

Unknown: Alan Webb

Unknown: Addie Lovelace

Produced By: Martin Jenkins

Prison Governor: Margaret Robertson

Furkin: Ronald Herdman

Billings: Sean Arnold

Millie Lovelace: Noel Hood

PC Briggs: Christopher Bidmead

Auctioneer: Ian Thompson

Hodges: Denys Hawthorne

Charles Holbrook: Alan Webb

Haggerty: Antony Viccars

Police Inspector: Denys Hawthorne

Moggridge: Wilfred Babbage