Afternoon Theatre One Way Only


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700718]
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700718]

by JAMES HANLEY with Marie Kean. Betty Hardy A study in loneliness. An old Irish woman spends her life in and out of jail. People care for her but in a detached way. With Mrs Biddulph , her closest friend, some kind of existence is eked out.

Produced by RONALD MASON


Unknown: James Hanley

Unknown: Marie Kean.

Unknown: Betty Hardy

Unknown: Mrs Biddulph

Produced By: Ronald Mason

Court Usher: John Hollis

Mrs Monaghan: Marie Kean

First Magistrate: Lockwood West

Clerk in Court: Ronald Herdman

Mrs Laurent: Pauline Letts

Mr Jennings: John Justin

Mr Bolton: Ralph Truman

Mrs Biddulph: Betty Hardy

Mr Tench: Duncan McIntyre

Mrs Tench: Barbara Mitchell

Mrs Sloane: Marjorie Westbury

Second Magistrate (Mr Laxby): Walter Fitzgeraid