Ten years after the 1999 earthquake in Turkey, Tina Pepler's powerful drama-documentary tells the story of a young engineering student who returns to Istanbul to find the friends she left behind.

They are still trying to deal with the aftermath of the last quake, in a city trying to ready itself for the next.

Eleanor....Eleanor Zimmermann

Cansu....Serra Somay

Baris....Hakan Silahsizoglu

Merve....Sirin Onder

With contributions from Kubilay Hicyilmaz, Polat Gulkan, Mustafa Erdik, Gokay Bostan, Tamer Aker, Husamettin Alper, Ozgur Demir, Zeynep Turkmen.

Directed by Sara Davies.

By Tina Pepler.

A young woman returns to Istanbul 10 years after a major earthquake.