Afterwords - Octavia Butler


Sunday Feature20190127

In our new series 'Afterwords', we explore the ideas of great writers in their own words - as archive recordings in which they articulate their approach interweave with the thoughts of contemporary writers, academics and activists.

In this episode, the words of celebrated science fiction writer Octavia Butler. During her career, Butler's literary landscape guided us through difficult - human rather than technological - terrain that often focused on dark utopias, and characters that shapeshift into and beyond current worlds. Professor Cassandra L Jones, part of the Butler legacy network, is in dialogue with Butler's use of memory and speculative womanhoods. Long-time fan and writer Courttia Newland examines how Butler's characters are born and the sociologist and activist Akwugo Emejulu explores how the reclaiming of fugitive spaces might be a space of action for new generations discovering Butler.

Produced by Shanida Scotland
A Falling Tree Production for BBC Radio 3

Writers reflect on the work of the celebrated science fiction writer Octavia Butler.

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