Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None [Drama]


SD20101113 (BBC7)
20150905 (BBC7)
20150906 (BBC7)
Ten guests travel to an island. Each is an unconvicted murderer. None will leave alive.

Agatha Christie's famous detective story without a detective, adapted by Joy Wilkinson.

Ten guests are separately invited to an island by a person none of them knows very well, if at-all. When they arrive, it seems they have all been invited for different reasons. Nothing quite adds up.

An anonymous voice accuses each of them of having murdered someone. By the end of the first night, one of the guests is dead. Stranded by a violent storm and tormented by the nursery rhyme 'Ten Little Soldier Boys', the ten guests fear for their lives. Who is the killer? Is it one of them?

Directed by Mary Peate.