The Case Of The Perfect Carer20030317

Dramatised by Mike Walker.

Renting a flat to elderly sisters in a converted dower house should be a simple job for an estate agent, but Kate finds Bernice anything but easy.

Then valuables start to disappear.

Bernice....Richenda Carey Carmela....Joanna Monro Kate....Carla Simpson Tim....Richard Firth Morag....Joan ONorman Music composed and realised by Ben Wallfisch.

Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.

Afternoon Morning.

The Dressmakers Doll20030310

Dramatised by Mike Walker When a doll with a mind of its own comes into your life, it might be worth finding out what it wants.

Agatha Christie for the 21st century is no less chilling for moving to the driving rhythms of LONDONs cat-walks in the cut-throat world of todays fashion.

Octavia....Juliet Aubrey Sally....Beth Chalmers Jeremy....Stephen Critchlow Carrie....Gemma Saunders Model....Emma Woolliams Amber....Connie Gurie Music composed and realised by Ben Wallfisch Directed by Ned Chaillet