Agatha Christie's Miss Marple


01A Murder Is Announced20090119 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090120 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. The residents of Chipping Cleghorn misinterpret a murderous invitation.
01At Bertram's Hotel20090216 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090217 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. Miss Marple's London stay proves more eventful than she could have imagined.

01Miss Marple: The Murder At The Vicarage20090921 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090922 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. When a detested church-goer is found dead, the spinster sleuth investigates.
02A Murder Is Announced20090120 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090121 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. Who is trying to kill Letty Blacklock? And what did Mitzi overhear in the summerhouse?
02At Bertram's Hotel20090217 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090218 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. Miss Marple's old acquaintance is about to have a nasty shock. With June Whitfield.
02Miss Marple: The Murder At The Vicarage20090922 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090923 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. The amateur sleuth probes Colonel Protheroe's killing in the vicar's study.
03A Murder Is Announced20090121 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090122 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. Miss Marple arrives in Chipping Cleghorn to investigate. But will the killer strike again?
03At Bertram's Hotel20090218 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090219 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. Miss Marple's morning paper brings some very alarming news - and a police investigation.
03Miss Marple: The Murder At The Vicarage20090923 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090924 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. With more than one confession to murder, who can the amateur sleuth believe?
04A Murder Is Announced20090122 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090123 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. The plot thickens - and there's another murder for Miss Marple to investigate.
04At Bertram's Hotel20090219 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090220 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. Just as one mystery is cleared up, Miss Marple becomes involved in another.
04Miss Marple: The Murder At The Vicarage20090924 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090925 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. The investigations into Colonel Protheroe's death don't go at all to plan.
05Miss Marple: The Murder At The Vicarage

05 LASTA Murder Is Announced20090123 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090124 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. Confessions all round, as 'Pip' and the murderer are revealed. But where is Miss Marple?
05 LASTAt Bertram's Hotel20090220 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090221 BT=0100 (BBC7)
. The police ask Miss Marple to take part in a little experiment. With June Whitfield.
05 LASTMiss Marple: The Murder At The Vicarage20090925 BT=2000 (BBC7)
20090926 BT=0100 (BBC7)
20090926 (BBC7)
. The spinster sleuth reveals the murderer's identity, plus more surprises.

The spinster sleuth reveals the murderer's identity, plus more surprises.

Agatha Christie thriller starring June Whitfield.