Age Of Austerity

Peter Hennessy introduces five readings by the original writers from a celebrated collection of essays evoking the mood of postwar Britain.

Abridged by Kati Nicholl.


LB01We Are The Masters Now19990330read by Anthony Howard

read by Anthony Howard

LB02The Spivs19990331David Hughes reads his character sketch of shortage-struck LONDON.
LB03Snoek Piquante19990401Susan Cooper recreates the grim and farcical world of food rationing.
LB04The New Look19990402Pearson Phillips describes how the magical world of PARIS fashion hit drab 40s LONDON.
LB05 LAST19990403Michael Frayn reads his famously ironic account of the 1951 Festival of Britain with its uncanny foreshadowing of the Millennium Dome.