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Arab writers collaborated to produce a drama for BBC World Drama. Starring Nadim Sawalha.

Unique, challenging and innovative BBC radio drama with an international edge.

'Al Amwaj' (The Waves). By Abdulla Ahmed Bukamal, May Touma, Ali Al-Majnooni, Fatima Elias Al Gassim,Hissa Faraj Al-Marri, Masoud Abdul Hadi and Tahani Al-Ghureiby.

In conjunction with the British Council a 3-day “Writing for Radio ? workshop in Doha, Qatar, open to all writers in the Arab world, was run. Attendees of that workshop were then invited to submit scenes, reflecting the things they care about. 7 writers were then chosen to write a play specifically for BBC World Drama, with dramaturgy by award-winning writer, Nick Warburton.

And the result... On one hot day, taxi driver Noor Alam finds himself with so many people wanting to be taken to the sea. Whether they talk to him or avoid his questions, it begins to become clear to him that their lives are inextricably linked.
With each wave that breaks, there’s another story to tell. Starring: Sagar Arya, Nadim Sawalha, Sirine Saba, Paul Chahidi,
William El –Gardi, Zolfa Zahedi and Nathalie Armin. Directed by Marion Nancarrow

01Bbc World Drama - Bbc World Drama20090322