Al Kennedy - Love Love Love Like The Beatles



A man on the verge of a nervous breakdown retreats up a tree, and only love can save him.

Love Love Love Like The Beatles

by A.L. Kennedy

Starring Bill Nighy.

A romantic comedy drama about a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown who retreats up a tree.

All his life, Oliver has never been able to say those three special words - I love you.

Yesterday Oliver lost his job and today - after walking in a daze all night - he is quite literally at his wits' end and waiting for the love of his life, Jo, in a private residents' garden. Knowing that he has a tendency to bolt he has cornered himself in advance by climbing a tree and he won't come down until he sees her.

Oliver....Bill Nighy

Jo....Amelia Bulmore

Mrs. Henderson....Brigit Forsyth

Mrs. McDonald....Maggie Fox

Leonard....David Fleeshman

Directed by Pauline Harris

The Writer - award winning novelist, columnist and playwright.

AL Kennedy's previous work includes Night Geometry and the Garscadden Trains Polygon, 1990, Looking for the Possible Dance Secker Warburg, 1993, Now That You're Back Cape, 1994, Last Things First - New Writing Scotland 13: So I Am Glad, Cape, 1995, Tea and Biscuits, Phoenix, 1996, Original Bliss, Cape, 1997, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, British Film Institute, 1997, Everything You Need,Cape, 1999, On Bullfighting,Yellow Jersey Press, 1999 New Writing 9 (editor with John Fowles),Vintage, 2000 Indelible Acts, Cape, 2002, Paradise, Cape, 2004, Day, Cape, 2007

She wrote the screenplay to the BFI/Channel 4 film Stella Does Tricks, and Dice - 6 part series for HBO, CBC with John Burnside. Previous radio plays are Born a Fox and Like an Angel, Confessions of a Medium. She's won over 15 awards for her work."