Al Kennedy - The Writing Life


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A lady novelist reclines in a Creating Hammock, attended by Juan, her fragrant assistant.

1/3 The Author at Home

There's the lady novelist reclining in her Creating Hammock, attended by Juan her fragrant assistant. Or maybe not.

Produced by Mark Smalley.

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Stuck in a Tasmanian motel, AL Kennedy is not so sure about life on the road.

2/3 The Author Away.

Stuck in the Northern Lodge Motel, Tasmania, with only foot long woodlice for company, maybe life on the road during the book tour isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

Producer Mark Smalley.

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AL Kennedy's 10-point plan for surviving insatiable press demands.

3/3: In the Public Eye

Meet the author - what maniac thought of that? ALK proposes her 10 Point Plan to surviving the insatiable demands of the press, whilst living uncomfortably alongside her multi-mediated virtual presence.

Producer Mark Smalley.