Alan Bennett - More Untold Stories


01Thora Hird20090601 (BBC7)
20130101 (BBC7)

The writer recalls his special monologue for the much-loved actress - her last professional recording, made for BBC Radio 7.

02Arise Sir20090602 (BBC7)
20130101 (BBC7)

The writer reflects on speaking engagements and explains why he's never appeared in the annual Honours List.

03Seeing Stars20090603 (BBC7)
20130102 (BBC7)

The writer recalls one of his favourite childhood pastimes - going to the pictures and seeing his favourite film stars.

04A Common Assault20090604 (BBC7)
20130103 (BBC7)

The writer recalls an ill-fated holiday to Italy in the spring of 1992 which landed him in hospital.

05 LASTStaring Out Of The Window20090605 (BBC7)
20130104 (BBC7)

Staring out of the window, Alan muses about what 'being a writer' actually means.