Alan Clark Diaries


197220070305 (BBC7)
20070306 (BBC7)
The Campaign is On: It's the 1970s - Clark has moved in to his stately home and is trying to become an MP. Episode 1 of 5.
1975-78 The Coven Have Disappeared20070306 (BBC7)
20070307 (BBC7)
Clark juggles his career in politics with family life and his mounting debts. Read by Michael Cochrane. Episode 2 of 5.
1980-81 Damn, Damn, Blast20070307 (BBC7)
20070308 (BBC7)
Clark schemes at Westminster with Jonathan Aitken. Read by Michael Cochrane. Episode 3 of 5.
1981, The Prime Minister At Six20070308 (BBC7)
20070309 (BBC7)
Alan Clark struggles to make headway up the political ladder. Episode 4 of 5.
1982, War Of Liberation20070309 (BBC7)
20070310 (BBC7)
Clark uses his pro-war stance over the Falkland Islands to get himself noticed. Episode 5 of 5.