Alan Jay Lerner - The Street Where I Live


01No Ordinary Man20001013Henry Goodman narrates a six-part series on the making of lyricist Alan Jay Lerner's musical `My Fair Lady'.
02Acquiring The Rights20001020'With the death of George Pascal, who owned the rights to `Pygmalion', Lerner and Loewe found themselves going down the tortuous path of acquiring them for themselves.'
03Covent Garden20001027Lerner and Loewe visit Covent Garden in search of inspiration for the character of Eliza Doolittle.
04Putting It Together20001103'The project of turning `Pygmalion' into a musical is underwritten by CBS with Moss Hart directing, and auditions are held with over 5,000 singers.'
05On The Road20001110'The production team turn Julie Andrews into Eliza Doolittle, and the show prepares to go on the road.'
06 LASTFirst Night20001117The show is given a final polishing prior to its opening on Broadway.