Alan Parker - Road Warrior


19960904The social Road Warrior returns, travelling the highways and byways in search of the truth, in a series first broadcast in April. With special guests Skunk Anansie. Repeat
19960911The Road Warrior continues his peripatetic quest against the government and its secret friends. You know who you are. Repeat
19960918Radio l's senior social commentator takes the show on the road as he continues his quest to root out half-truths.


19961002Radio l's urban Voltaire continues to rail against the government. This week the van is commandeered by a mysterious figure. With special guests, Honeycrack. Repeat
19961009Radio l's DM-wearing, subsidised lager-drinking urban poet concludes his search for truth, justice and progress through vagueness. Repeat
19960424Alan Parker continues his crusade, this week, on behalf of calves. With special guests Northern Uproar.
19960501The Road Warrior visits his double in Amsterdam, with the aid of special guests, Supermodel.
19960508In light of the loss of this year's Glastonbury Festival, the Road Warrior comes to the rescue, with special guests Kula Shaker.
19960515The van is commandeered by a mysterious figure. With special guests Honeycrack.
19960522The warrior takes his van on the road for the final time in search of truth, justice and the anarchic way.
19960925Radio l's social affairs correspondent takes his battle for the truth to the frontlines of rhetoric.