Alan Reid As D'artagnan In 'twenty Years After'


[LP BD=19470320]

A serial In eight parts, dramatised for broadcasting by Patrick Riddell from the novel by Alexandre Dumas. Produced by Ayton Whitaker. Part 2—' The Son of Milady '

[LP BD=19470320]

Broadcasting By: Patrick Riddell

Novel By: Alexandre Dumas.

Produced By: Ayton Whitaker.

Athos: Philip Cunningham

Porthos: Kenneth Villiers

Aramis: Allan McClelland

Milady de Winter: Marjorie Westbury

Lord de Winter: Richard Williams

Executioner of Bethune: Andrew Churchman

Bemouln: Preston Lockwood

John Mordaunt: Roger Snowdon

Cardinal Mazarin: Alexander Sarner

Henrietta, Queen of England: Lydia Sherwood

Charles Stuart, King of England: Richard Hurndall

Lord Leven: Laidman Browne

Oliver Cromwell: Richard George

Landlord: Eric Lugg