19791020Act 3

Scene 1: Lulu, a penniless fugitive from justice, arranges the murder of one of her blackmailers; the other denounces her to the police; Scene 2: The three men whom Lulu destroyed in the first two acts return as different characters to help in her downfall and ultimate degradation - a London prostitute murdered by Jack the Ripper. Additional cast:

Technical presentation by MARTIN PAGE . Produced for radio by CLIVE BENNETT (A BBC/wfmt Chicago coproduction)

A recording of the complete three-act version made this summer at the Santa F* Opera, New Mexico, USA.

Libretto by THE COMPOSER, based on texts by FRANK WEDEKIND

English translation by ARTHUR JACOBS

The orchestration of the third act completed by Friedrich Cerha

Cast for Acts 1 and 2: SANTA Ft OPERA ORCHESTRA conducted by MICHAEL TILSON-THOMAS Act 1

Prologue; Scene 1: Lulu's first husband dies of a heart attack; Scene 2: Lulu's second husband commits suicide; Scene 3: Lulu breaks the will of the man whose mistress she has been, Dr Schon.

8.30* Letter from Santa Fe When it's Springtime in the Rockies. Andrew Por ter talks about summer opera in America.

8.50* Lulu, Act 2

Scene 1: Lulu murders Dr Schon and is arrested; Scene 2: Lulu, now escaped from prison, becomes the mistress of Dr Schorl's son. Alwa.