Genome: [hs Bd=19520114]and his Rococo Orchestra with Arthur Sandford (piano)
Genome: [hs Bd=19520114] Piano: Arthur Sandford
Genome: [hs Bd=19520414]and his Rococo Orchestra
Genome: [hs Bd=19520713]and his, Rococo Orchestra
Genome: [hs Bd=19521022]
Genome: [hs Bd=19521211]
Genome: [hs Bd=19530122]
Genome: [hs Bd=19530409]
Genome: [hs Bd=19561221]and his Rococo Orchestra with Adrienne Cole (soprano) and Keith Burrows (piano)
Genome: [hs Bd=19561221] Soprano: Adrienne Cole

Soprano: Keith Burrows

Genome: [hs Bd=19570325]
Genome: [hs Bd=19570508]
Genome: [hs Bd=19570814]
Genome: [hs Bd=19650609]and his Quintet

Albert Marland is appearing at the Dorchester Hotel, London

Genome: [hs Bd=19650609] Unknown: Albert Marland
Genome: [lp Bd=19541130]
Genome: [lp Bd=19601015]and his Quartet
Genome: [lp Bd=19601110]
Genome: [lp Bd=19601117]
Genome: [lp Bd=19601124]
Genome: [lp Bd=19601201]
Genome: [lp Bd=19611106]
Genome: [lp Bd=19611120]