Albert Roussel (1869-1937)


0120090223"Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Albert Roussel, looking at his first major success, which vividly evokes the sights and sounds of India, where he spent his honeymoon.

Plus some of Roussel's earliest pieces, including a chamber work heavily indebted to his teacher Vincent d'Indy.

Amoureux Separes (Deux Poemes Chinois, Op 12, No 2)

  • brilliant classics 8413
  • chandos chan8887 t1-3

    divertissement for wind quintet and piano

  • dalton baldwin (piano)
  • emi cds7492712 cd1 t1


  • eric parkin (piano)
  • frank van den brink (clarinet)
  • hans roerade (oboe)
  • herman jeurissen (horn)
  • jet roling (piano)
  • jos de lange (bassoon)
  • kurt ollmann (baritone)
  • paul verhey (flute)"

  • 0220090224"Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Albert Roussel, introducing a complete performance of his ballet set in the insect world, which came to be one of his most successful works. There is also an excerpt from a piece completed during his convalescence - his only opera, inspired by his fascination with the Far East.

    Sarabande (Deux Melodies, Op 20, No 2)

  • roger vignoles (piano)
  • sarah walker (mezzo-soprano)
  • alouddin....jose van dam
  • badal....laurence dale
  • bbc philharmonic
  • chandos chan9494 t23-52

    padmavati (end of act 1)

  • emi cds7478918 cd1 t7 and 8.

    donald macleod presents a roussel stage work set in the insect world

  • gora....marc vento
  • michel plasson (conductor)
  • nakamti....jane berbie
  • orchestre du capitole du toulouse
  • orfeon donostiarra
  • ratan-sen....nicolai gedda
  • the brahman....charles burles
  • unicorn ukcd2078 t10

    le festin de l'araignee

  • yan pascal tortelier (conductor)"

  • 0320090225"Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Albert Roussel, introducing works with connections to Serge Koussevitsky, who invited Roussel to compose for the 50th anniversary of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

    There is also a piece commissioned by the famous musical patron Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge, who asked Roussel for a chamber piece for his favourite instrument - the flute.

    Tytyre; Krishna (Joueurs de flute)

  • brillian classics 8413 cd2 t15

    suite in f

  • brilliant 8413 cd2 t5 and 6

    duo for bassoon and double bass

  • henk guittart (viola)
  • herre-jan stegenga (cello)
  • jet roling (piano)
  • jos de lange (bassoon)
  • naxos 8570529 t5-7

    trio for flute, viola and cello, op 40 (final movement)

  • new york philharmonic
  • pan paul verhey (flute)
  • paul verhey (flute)
  • pierre boulez (conductor)
  • quirijn van regteren altena (double bass)
  • royal scottish national orchestra
  • sony classical smk64107 t15-18z.

    donald macleod introduces the work which established roussel's international reputation

  • stephane deneve (conductor)
  • timpani 1c1082 cd3 t3

    symphony no 3"

  • 0420090226"Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Albert Roussel, introducing a group of Bacchanalian songs and a ballet based on the myth of Ariadne on Naxos, regarded by some as one of the masterpieces of the 20th Century.

    Fanfare pour un Sacre Paien

  • bbc philharmonic
  • bramwell tovey (conductor)
  • brass of the philharmonic orchestra of luxembourg
  • chandos chan9494 t1-22.

    donald macleod introduces a group of bacchanalian songs by roussel

  • dalton baldwin (piano)
  • emi cds7492712 cd2 t13, 14, 16

    bacchus et ariane

  • erato 3984 24240-2 cd2 t2-4

    odes anacreontiques (op 31, nos 1 and 2; op 32, no 1)

  • jean martinon (conductor)
  • jose van dam (bass-baritone)
  • orchestre national de l'ortf
  • timpani 1c1082 t1

    petite suite

  • yan pascal tortelier (conductor)"

  • 05 LAST20090227"Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Albert Roussel, introducing the vast setting of Psalm 80 written for Roussel's own 60th birthday celebrations, his only string quartet and the orchestral piece described as 'a model of parody and invention'.

    Psalm 80

  • benjamin butterfield (tenor)
  • bramwell tovey (conductor)
  • brilliant classics 8413 cd3 t4-7.

    donald macleod introduces the setting of psalm 80 written for roussel's 60th birthday

  • dalton baldwin (piano)
  • emi cds749271-2 cd1 t2

    string quartet

  • europachor akademie
  • i musici
  • kurt ollmann (baritone)
  • philharmonic orchestra of luxemburg
  • philips 4266692 t10-12

    coeur en peril (deux melodies, op 50, no 2)

  • schonberg quartet
  • timpani 1c1082 t1