Albert's Bridge

David Hitchinson directs Tom Stoppard's play to coincide with the writer's 70th birthday.


200706291988 production of Tom Stoppard's comedy about a man whose chosen profession is painting a huge bridge. The task is perpetual, since one end of the bridge is already in need of a fresh coat before he reaches the other.

Albert....Paul Copley

Kate....Diane Bull

Fraser....Geoffrey Matthews

Chairman....George A Cooper

Fitch....Peter Baldwin

Dave....Richard Tate

George....John Sampson

Mother....Eva Stuart

Father....Alan Dudley

Painters....Norman Bird, Stephen Rashbrook

Director David Hitchinson.

Genome: [r3 Bd=19680220] Writer: Tom Stoppard

Produced By: Charles Lefeaux

Bob: Nigel Anthony

Charlie: Alexander John

Dad: Geoffrey Wincott

Albert: John Hurt

Chairman: Victor Lucas

Dave: Ian Thompson

George: Anthony Jackson

Fitch: Ronald Herdman

Mother: Betty Hardy

Father: Alan Dudley

Kate: Barbara Mitchell

Fraser: Haydn Jones

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900726]continues the season of Tom Stoppard plays.

High up, on Clufton Bay Railway Bridge, young

Albert treads the girders, calmly painting the rust-red steel. But his distant perspective soon begins to alter his view of life on the ground. And then Fraser appears...

Director David Hitchinson

A BBC World Service Drama production. Stereo (R)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900726] Unknown: Tom Stoppard

Director: David Hitchinson

Albert: Paul Copley

Kate: Diane Bull

fraser: Geoffrey Matthews

Chairman: George A Cooper

Fitch: Peter Baldwin

Charlie: Richard Tate

Dave: Richard Tate

Mother: Eva Stuart

Father: Alan Dudley

Bob: Stephen Rashbrook

George: John Samson

Dad: Norman Bird

119680220by Tom Stoppard

with John Hurt

Clufton Bay is spanned by a huge cantilevered railway bridge which needs painting endlessly.

Third broadcast