Albert's Bridge [Tom Stoppard]


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20200324 (BBC7)
Tom Stoppard’s award winning play about a philosophy graduate named Albert, employed to help paint the cantilevered railway bridge-painter spanning Clufton Bay.

Starring John Hurt as Albert, Haydn Jones as Fraser, Barbara Mitchell as Kate, Victor Lucas as the Chairman, Ronald Herdman as Fitch, Betty Hardy as Mother, Alan Dudley as Father, Nigel Anthony as Bob, Alexander John as Charlie, Geoffrey Wincott as Dad, Anthony Jackson as George and Ian Thompson as Dave.

In 1968, ‘Albert Bridge’ won both the Prix Italia prize in Rome and the Czechoslovak International Radio Play Festival in Prague.

Producer: Charles Lefeaux

First broadcast on the BBC Third Programme in July 1967.

John Hurt in Tom Stoppard's drama about a solo bridge-painter and philosophy graduate.

Tom Stoppard's award-winning play about a solo bridge-painter