Alberto Ginastera (1916 - 1983)

It's the 90th anniversary of the birth of composer Ginastera. Donald Macleod is joined by American pianist Barbara Nissman, an acclaimed exponent of Ginastera's music, to celebrate his legacy.



"A look at Ginastera's training, and Nissman and Macleod try to establish some of the musical influences detectable in Ginastera's work.

Pequena danza, from 3 dances from Estancia

Barbara Nissman (piano)

3 excerpts from the Suite from the ballet Panambi, Op 1B, 1937

Orchestre National de Lyon

David Robertson (conductor)

Piano sonata No 1, 1952

Barbara Nissman (piano)

Piano concerto No 1, Op 28

Oscar Tarrago (piano)

Orquesta de la Ciudad de Mexico

Enrique Batiz (conductor)."


02New Directions20060829A look at how a sojourn in America stimulated Ginastera's music.
Tribute to Aaron Copland (12 American Preludes)

Barbara Nissman (piano)

First String Quartet

Henschel Quartet

Concerto for Strings (excerpt from 1st movement)

Orchestre de Picardie

Edmon Colomer (conductor)

Variaciones concertantes for chamber orchestra

Israel Chamber Orchestra

Gisèle Ben-Dor (conductor).


"Like many artists, Argentinian composer Ginastera found himself out of favour with the Peronist regime. Donald Macleod and Barbara Nissman consider how Ginastera survived some very difficult years materially, and how the overall experience affected his music.

Bomarzo (excerpts)

David Prather (boy soprano)

Salvador Novoa (tenor)

Washington Opera Society Chorus and Orchestra

Julius Rudel (conductor)

Popol Vuh

Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

Leonard Slatkin (conductor)

Harp Concerto (1st movement)

Isabelle Moretti (harp)

Orchestre National de Lyon

David Robertson (conductor)."


04Argentina's Rhythms20060831"

"The rhythms of his native country were a source of great pleasure and inspiration to Ginastera. DONALD MACLEOD and Barbara Nissman explore how Ginastera assimilated them into his own brand of music.

Milonga (arr. Mercado)

Mariá Isaebel Siewers (guitar)

Cinco canciones popolares Argentinas, Op 10

Chacarera; Triste; Zamba; Arrorro; Gato

Bernarda Fink (mezzo soprano)


Pampeana No 1, Op 16, rhapsody for violin and piano

Ruben Gonzalez (violin)

Barbara Nissman (piano)

Concerto for Violin (excerpt from 1st movement)

Salvatore Accardo (violin)

Piano Sonata No 2

Pampeana No 3, Op 24, 2nd movement - Impetuosamente

Berlin Symphony

Gabriel Castagna (conductor)."


05 LASTForm And Structure20060901"

"Donald Macleod and Barbara Nissman discuss the enormous value Ginastera placed on what he called the architecture of music.

Rondo sobre temas infantiles, Op 19

Barbara Nissman (piano)

Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op 49

Aurora Natola Ginastera (cello)

Glosses sobre temes de Pau Casals, Op 48, for orchestra (1st movement)

London Symphony Orchestra

Gisèle Ben-Dor (conductor)

Piano Sonata No 3

Danses from the ballet Estancia, Op 8a

Los trabajadores agricolas; Danza del trigo; Los peones de hacienda; Danza final (Malambo)

Odense Symphony Orchestra

Jan Wagner (conductor)."