Four programmes exploring the area in LONDON now known as Albertopolis.



"Prof Steve Jones visits the Hall of the Arts and Sciences, better known as the Royal Albert Hall. He explores the vision of Prince Albert, who used the profits from the Great Exhibition of 1851 to create a site where the arts and sciences could work together. How has that vision survived today?"



"When the hall was built, it was good value for the concert-goer - you could hear two performances for the price of one because of the echo. Professor Steve Jones finds out how, in keeping with Prince Albert's original vision, science has worked with the arts to solve the problem."



"In 1851, Prince Albert had the vision of bringing science and art together on one site around the hall. Through the history of the South Kensington museums and institutions, Professor Steve Jones finds that the vision has not been realised."


04 LAST19970804Professor Steve Jones looks to the future and finds that the world-class institutions in South Kensington have grand plans to bridge the barrier between the two cultures.