Alec Clunes In ' The Island Of Sheep


[HS BD=19550311]

by John Buchan

Adapted as a serial play in six parts by Felix Felton

5-' In the Hands of the Enemy '

Produced by David Davis

[HS BD=19550311]

Unknown: John Buchan

Unknown: Felix Felton

Produced By: David Davis

Richard Hannay: Alec Clunes

Peter John, his son: Henry Searle

Sandy Arbuthnot (Lord Clanroyden): James McKechnie

Lombard: Felix Felton

Valdernar Haraldsen: Olaf Olsen

Anna his daughter: Heather Patrick

Erick Albinus: John Glyn-Jones

Joseph Barralty: Oliver Burt

Lancelot Troth: Malcolm Graeme

Lydia Ludlow: Gladys Spencer

Jacques d'Ingraville: Heron Carvic