Alec Clunes In 'the Man From Thermopylae'


[HS BD=19570411]

by Ada F. Kay with Carleton Hobbs and Harold Scott

Other parts played by Betty Alberge

Jeremy Bradbury and Leslie Moorhouse

Produced by Colin Shaw in the BBC's North of England studios

[HS BD=19570411]

Unknown: Ada F. Kay

Unknown: Carleton Hobbs

Unknown: Harold Scott

Played By: Betty Alberge

Played By: Jeremy Bradbury

Played By: Leslie Moorhouse

Produced By: Colin Shaw

An old woman: Valerie Skardon

A girl: Sheila Johnson

Geron: Carleton Hobbs

Pantites: Alec Clunes

Frixos: John Southworth

Melissa: Joan Heath

Iolaus: Harold Scott

Hippias: Lionel Jeffries

Helena: Margaret Wedlake

Penthessilea: Jill Fenson

Koryander: Jonathan Field

Philander: Jeffrey Segal

Hermes: Geoffrey Banks