Alec Robertson Introduces Commonwealth Day Concert


[HS BD=19600524]

Malinee Peris (piano)

John McCaw (clarinet) Ann Broomhead (piano)

William Herbert (tenor)

The Macgibbon String Quartet:

Margot Maegibbon (violin)

Lorraine du Val (violin)

Anatole Mines (viola) Lilly Phillips (cello)

C:ifton Helliwell (piano)

Tenor, string quartet, and piano:

Song-cycle: On Wenlock Edge (A. E. Housman )..Vaughan Williams On Wentock Edge: From far, from eve and morning; Is my team ploughing? Oh. when I was in love with you: Bredon Hill; Clun

Before an invited audience at Overseas House. London

Application for tickets should he made to [address removed], enclosing stamped addressed envelope.

[HS BD=19600524]

Piano: Malinee Peris

Clarinet: John McCaw

Piano: Ann Broomhead

Tenor: William Herbert

Violin: Margot Maegibbon

Violin: Lorraine du Val

Viola: Anatole Mines

Cello: Lilly Phillips

Unknown: E. Housman

Unknown: Vaughan Williams