Alessandro Scarlatti - Vespers Of St Cecilia


[r3 Bd=19711203]

"A performance to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Accademia Monteverdiana given before an invited audience in the Concert Hall, Broadcasting House. London, on 10 September

PATRICIA CLARK (soprano) URSULA CONNORS (soprano) SHIRLEY MINTY (contralto) IAN PARTRIDGE (tenor) JOHN NOBLE (baritone)

ACCADEMIA MONTEVERDIANA chorus-master EDGAR FLEET orchestra led by JÜRGEN HESS HAROLD LESTER (organ continuo) conductor Denis Stevens who also introduces the programme Part 1

Dixit Dominus (Psalm 109)

Cantantibusorganis (Antiphon) Valerianus (Antiphon)

Laudate pueri (Psalm 112)"