Alex Pascall's Caribbean Folk Music


Genome: [r3 Bd=19950906]Cuba is the largest

Caribbean island and has one of the richest musical traditions, based on the mixture of African and Spanish influences. In the first of a six-part series, Alex Pascali is joined by Cuban music historian

Pedro Serduy to look at the roots of salsa.

Producer David Corser

Genome: [r3 Bd=19950906] Unknown: Alex Pascali

Unknown: Pedro Serduy

Producer: David Corser

Genome: [r3 Bd=19950920]3: Jamaica

Although best known for its reggae, Jamaica's traditional music is rich and varied. Alex Pascall hears from folklorists Louise Bennett and Dr Olive Lewin and dancer Ritchie Riley about Jamaica's work songs, wake songs and religious music, including famous numbers like Sly

Mongoose, Linstead Market and the Banana Boat Song.

Genome: [r3 Bd=19950920] Unknown: Alex Pascall

Unknown: Louise Bennett

Unknown: Dr Olive Lewin

Unknown: Ritchie Riley

Genome: [r3 Bd=19950927]4: Grenada and the English-Speaking Eastern Caribbean Alex Pascall looks at the folk music of his home island and its neighbours. Music from Grenada and its sister island Carriacou, from St

Vincent, Barbados,

Montserrat and Antigua, ranges from Big Drum through calypso to string bands and the "cocoa-lute".

Genome: [r3 Bd=19950927] Unknown: Alex Pascall
Genome: [r3 Bd=19951004]5: Guyana and the Caribbean Mainland

Alex Pascall is joined by folk music enthusiasts

Gloria Hector and Carl Kirton

to look at the very different music of Guyana, Surinam, Honduras and Curacao. The music from these countries has a strong Amerindian element combined with African and colonial influences.

Genome: [r3 Bd=19951004] Unknown: Caribbean Mainland

Unknown: Alex Pascall

Unknown: Gloria Hector

Unknown: Carl Kirton

Programme Catalogue - Details: 06 September 199519950906Producer: CORSER, D

Next in series: 5, GUYANA

Broadcast history

06 Sep 1995 21:03-21:30 (RADIO 2)

Recorded on 1995-08-01.

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