Genome: [r3 Bd=19840228]'(cello)

Michael Dussek (piano) direct from the Concert Hall, Broadcasting House, London Schumann

Fantasiestucke, Op 73

Faure Sonata in G minor Francois Francoeur , arr Trowell Sonata'

Genome: [r3 Bd=19860211]'(cello)

PIERS LANE (piano)

Bach, transc Siloti Adagio in A minor (BWV 564)

Beethoven Variations in E flat on 'Bei Mannern '

(from Mozart's The Magic Flute) Faure Romance in A, Op 69; Papillon, Op 77

Shostakovich Sonata, Op 40 (A re-broadcast of last Thursday's Birmingham Lunchtime Concert)'

Genome: [r3 Bd=19860821](cello)

Brian Elias Of Elutropia (first broadcast)

Justin Connolly Tesserae c

Genome: [r3 Bd=19890424]'(cello) with IAN BROWN (piano) Bach Sonata in G minor (BWV 1029)

Janacek Pohadka

Faure Elegie , Op 24

Dvorak Rondo in G minor, Op 94

Schumann Adagio and Allegro in A flat, Op 70 BBCManchester (R)'