Alexandra Rose Day


Genome: [hs Bd=19510613]A talk on the occasion of the fortieth Alexandra Rose Day by Mrs. Leslie Morshead
Genome: [hs Bd=19510613] Unknown: Mrs. Leslie Morshead
Genome: [hs Bd=19520618]Talk by Mrs. Leslie Morshead
Genome: [hs Bd=19520618] Talk By: Mrs. Leslie Morshead
Genome: [hs Bd=19530617]
Genome: [hs Bd=19530617]
Genome: [hs Bd=19540616]
Genome: [hs Bd=19540616]
Genome: [hs Bd=19550615]
Genome: [hs Bd=19550615]
Genome: [hs Bd=19560620]Talk by Mrs. Leslie Morshead on the preparations for Alexandra Rose Day on June 26
Genome: [hs Bd=19560620] Talk By: Mrs. Leslie Morshead

Unknown: Alexandra Rose Day

Genome: [hs Bd=19570619]Talk by Mrs. Leslie Morshead on the preparations for Alexandra Rose Day on June 25
Genome: [hs Bd=19570619]
Genome: [hs Bd=19580620]Mrs. Leslie Morshead talks about the preparations for Alexandra Rose Day on June 24
Genome: [hs Bd=19580620] Talks: Mrs. Leslie Morshead
Genome: [hs Bd=19590618]Talk by Mrs. Leslie Morshead

Organiser of Alexandra Rose Day

Genome: [hs Bd=19590618]
Genome: [hs Bd=19600616]
Genome: [hs Bd=19600616]
Genome: [hs Bd=19610615]Talk by Kenneth Home
Genome: [hs Bd=19610615] Talk By: Kenneth Home
Genome: [hs Bd=19620621]Talk by Lady (Charles) Norton about Alexandra Rose Day
Genome: [hs Bd=19630620]Talk by SIR MALCOLM SARGENT
Genome: [hs Bd=19630620] Talk By: Sir Malcolm Sargent
Genome: [hs Bd=19640618]Talk by GEOFFREY PARKER , Principal of John Groom 's Crippleage, Edgware
Genome: [hs Bd=19640618] Talk By: Geoffrey Parker

Unknown: John Groom

Genome: [hs Bd=19650616]Talk by Dame SYBIL THORNDIKE , D.B.E.
Genome: [hs Bd=19650616] Talk By: Dame Sybil Thorndike
Genome: [hs Bd=19660615]A talk by ANONA WINN
Genome: [hs Bd=19660615] Talk By: Anona Winn
Genome: [hs Bd=19670614]Talk by YEHUDI MENUHIN
Genome: [hs Bd=19670614] Talk By: Yehudi Menuhin
Genome: [r4 Bd=19680619]Talk by PETER USTINOV
Genome: [r4 Bd=19680619] Talk By: Peter Ustinov
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700617]CAMILLA BcnvATER introducing a message from Frank Sinatra


Unknown: Camilla Bcnvater

Unknown: Frank Sinatra

Genome: [r4 Bd=19720621]Talk by LORD SHACKLETON
Genome: [r4 Bd=19720621] Talk By: Lord Shackleton
Genome: [r4 Bd=19780612]A talk by Rex Glenny , CBE, Vice-president, Alexandra Rose Day.
Genome: [r4 Bd=19780612] Talk By: Rex Glenny

Unknown: Alexandra Rose