Alexis Komer - Rhythmand Blues Champion


Genome: [r3 Bd=20080131]New series 1/3. Radio 2 pays tribute to blues musician and broadcaster Alexis Korner (1928-84), who is generally seen as the catalyst for the 1960s British blues explosion that greatly influenced the Rolling Stones, the Animals, Led Zeppelin and many others. The series starts with a look at Korner's troubled early life, his role in the 1950s blues and skiff le scenes in London's Soho, and his championing of American blues masters. Expect to hear a tape of him performing in his front room with Muddy Waters and Otis Spann. Contributors include Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts , guitarists Andy Fraser , Danny Thompson and Big Jim Sullivan, trombonist

Chris Barber , musician Zoot Money, and, in a new interview recalling his early days at Korner's Ealing Club, Mick Jagger , whose musician brother Chris Jagger presents this show. Producer Russell Finch

Genome: [r3 Bd=20080131] Unknown: Alexis Korner

Unknown: Otis Spann.

Guitarists: Charlie Watts

Guitarists: Andy Fraser

Guitarists: Danny Thompson

Unknown: Chris Barber

Unknown: Mick Jagger

Unknown: Chris Jagger

Producer: Russell Finch